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Port Douglas Tourism Booking and Information

Things to do in Port Douglas

Things to see and do in the Port Douglas Region

Port Douglas, 25 years and still Australia's most sought after reef and rainforest destination


Port Douglas and its surrounds are truly magnificent. No other region in the world is bordered by two World Heritage Listed areas as is the Port Douglas region.  Visitors have been coming to Port Douglas for over 25 years to touch and taste what is one of the worlds unique and environmentally enriched destination.


Stroll down Four Mile Beach

Port Douglas Four Mile Beach Australia
Voted in Australia's 'Best Beach' lists every year, Four Mile Beach continues to deliver. Unspoilt by any man made structures the 4 miles of beach is simply stunning to stroll sunrise to sunset. A serious must do.

Take a helicopter ride and fly above Port Douglas

Tourism Port Douglas - Must Do Port Douglas - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
If you see Port Douglas' Island Point from the skies, you wont be disappointed - Four Mile Beach, Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Dickson Inlet.
Witness Australia's beach heaven from the sky. This is Four Mile at its best.

See Island Point from Four Mile end of beach

Port Douglas four mile beach
Go for a run, swim or stroll down on 'Four Mile Beach' every morning. Cafe's and coffee wait for you afterwards at both 'Four Mile' & Port Douglas town.

Walk or drive up Flagstaff Hill to see this view from the look out

Tourism Port Douglas - Four Mile Beach - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Island Point or Flagstaff Hill - no matter what it is called it's magic. Drive, ride or walk up and see Four Mile Beach in all its glory. Look out for the World Cities Distance Compass. You'll now what we mean when your there. Enjoy!

This could be you!

Tourism Port Douglas - Four Mile Beach - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
I know we touched on it above but as you can see this is worth it. You can walk all the way to the suburb of Four Mile and back again along the beach. The Main Beach of Port Douglas has hire equipment and you can even buy drinks and ice-creams.

Boutique shopping heaven Port Douglas

Shopping in Port Douglas - Must Do Port Douglas - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Port Douglas boasts an array of stylish and practical boutique shops. A rare mixture is available with recognised brands right next door to local brands that will take you by surprise. Check of the PORT DOUGLAS magazine for its dedicated fashion collections.

Macrossan Street shopping precinct

Macrossan Street Port Douglas is shopping central. The town main street is full of boutique shopping gems (original and branded) and tantalizing FNQ restaurants.

Ride Four Mile Beach

Ride Four Mile Beach Port Douglas
Riding Four Mile Beach is the second best thing to do in Port Douglas. Second only to walking it. Instead of taking 45 mins to an hour each way, this is the express trip taking only 15 mins each way. Click on image to locate a bike business

the crocodile farm

Tourism Port Douglas - Crocodiles - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is about the same distance south. Crocodiles are in their native surroundings here and in abundance.

get a birds eye view

Tourism Port Douglas - Marina Mirage - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Only some spots allow the public this view of the marina. If you stay on the hill in Port Douglas you will share these views with the rich and famous.

The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina boasts more than a harbour

Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina Port Douglas
The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina is Port Douglas' iconic marina and is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The classical Queenslander style retail complex has more than 20 outlets including a microbrewery, bars, cafes, restaurants, tour operators, function spaces and souvenirs shops.

Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina on dusk

Tourism Port Douglas - Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina Port Douglas - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina Port Douglas is a spectacular mix of dive / snorkel vessels, charter fishing vessels and plenty of private luxury motor yachts.

go to rex smeal park for sunrise

Port Douglas Park - Sunset Park - Palm Tree Point
Rex Smeal Park is great for all occasions. A free public park right on the point of the Port Douglas peninsula if offers visitors one of the post card photo's for this region

watch the boats come in from rex smeal park

Rex Smeal Park Port Douglas
From 4:00pm on any given day you can see the flotilla of Great Barrier Reef cruise operators return from their day out. A procession of approx 20 vessels can be seen.

see the outer reefs from the air

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Barrier Reef - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Flying in a helicopter over the Outer Barrier Reefs is an experience unmatched. Although reasonably expensive - the money is easy justified afterwards.

Experience the reef from a closer perspective

immerse yourself in the great barrier reef via one of the award winning reef tour operators. Scuba diving and/or reef snorkelling is certainly a 'must do' when travelling to this region.
Diving not your thing, that's ok because snorkeling is a whole other experience. Just float above the nature's underwater garden. Lots of options click image to visit snorkeling options.

capture your memories of the great barrier reef

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Barrier Reef - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Nemo is synonymous for the Great Barrier Reef. He is joined by 1,500 other fish species (more than any 2 other of the worlds oceans combined). Underwater camera's and professional photography are available on all of the reef operators.

better hurry !!

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Barrier Reef - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Along with the 1,500 species of fish are 350 different types of coral 4,000 species of molluscs and 10,000 species of sponges.

must travel to a great barrier reef island

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Barrier Reef - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
One of the 540 Great Barrier Reef Islands is the idyllic Low Isles off Port Douglas. Originally just a sand cay it is now covered in a lush tropical flora.

must swim with or see a green turtle

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Barrier Reef - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
At one of the islands you are very likely to encounter one of these playful residents - a Green Turtle. Many of the islands play nursery to these graceful creatures.

experience the reef in comfort

Calypso Reef Cruises
High speed modern motor vessels are at the ready to shoot you to the reef or reefs as is the case with Calypso Reef Charters pictured here.

breakfast with the birds

Tourism Port Douglas - Must Do Port Douglas - Breakfast with the Birds at the Rainforest Habitat
The award-winning Wildlife Habitat, is home to the famous” Breakfast with the Birds”. Guests are treated to a delicious tropical hot and cold buffet in the Curlew Café area, situated in the Wetlands habitat, whilst enjoying the cacophony of sounds and colours of wandering wildlife. Join a free guided tour with one of our experienced Wildlife Keepers, cuddle a Koala and get a photo, or enjoy at your own leisurely pace!

feed the kangaroos at the Wildlife Habitat

Tourism Port Douglas - Must Do Port Douglas - Kangaroo Feeding at the Rainforest Habitat
Wildlife Habitat puts you in the zoo. As well as hand feeding kangaroos, you can observe an huge range of native wildlife including cassowaries, black neck storks, wallabies, birds and the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo. Join a private tour, Night tour or any of the daily free tours. Admission includes 5 day entry pass.

drive the Great Barrier Reef Drive

Tourism Port Douglas - Great Tropical Drive - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Hire a car for the day. The Captain Cook Highway now forms part of the Great Tropical Drive. Queensland's Great Ocean Road.

must visit 'the gorge' - mossman gorge

Port Douglas - Mossman Gorge - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Mossman Gorge is a top 3 things to do. Rain, hail or shine this place is always memorable. A quick dip is recommended but only if it is running slowly and watch out its fresh. Go by bus or hire car and treat yourself to the many easy and adventurous walks - take your own lunch.

visit other local waterholes

Spring Creek Mowbray Valley Port Douglas
Spring Creek is one of many blue-water holes that fringe the Port Douglas peninsula. These waterholes are un-patrolled and only strong swimmers are advised to enter the water for a dip. WARNING: all swimming should be subject to local advice before entering due to crocodiles in many rivers.

be in port douglas on a sunday

Tourism Port Douglas - Sunday Markets - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
The Port Douglas Sunday Markets are a collaboration of all that's good of our region. Meander through the 'Cotters Markets' for the morning.

have a coconut cocktail at the markets

Tourism Port Douglas - Sunday Markets - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
A true sense of going troppo is the rich milky taste of coconut milk. There is a number of refreshing stalls at the markets.

st mary's by the sea - port's oldest surviving church

Tourism Port Douglas - Weddings - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
St Mary's By The Sea Chapel is Port Douglas' petite pedestal of beauty. Relocated & renovated from its 1911 cyclone ruins on the hill, it now serves as a wedding ceremony Mecca for visitors from all over the world.

shopping on macrossan street

Tourism Port Douglas - Weddings - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Macrossan Street is the heart of boutique style fashion havens. Ladies from all over the world maintain strong ties with many of the lavish stores on this street.

the court house hotel - port's first pub

Tourism Port Douglas - The Court House - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Never anything else but fantastic. The Court House was built in 1878 and still today serves up the atmosphere that has made its name. Drinks, lunch or dinner.

discover the daintree via the daintree river crossing

The Daintree River Crossing is an icon within the Port Douglas region. This crossing is the only way visitors can access the World Heritage Listed Rainforest. Take your wallet as there is a minor crossing charge.

the daintree rainforest

Tourism Port Douglas - Daintree / Cape Tribulation - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
The Daintree Rainforest is an hour north of Port Douglas and is undisputed the world's oldest rainforest.

walk through the world's oldest rainforest

The Port Douglas region offers a diverse array of rainforest experiences. Take a group or personal day tour from Port Douglas, hire a car and visit a Daintree Rainforest operator or stay in the Daintree and explore yourself.

fly over or at least visit cape tribulation

Tourism Port Douglas - Daintree / Cape Tribulation - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
Cape Tribulation is the pinnacle of where the reef meets the rainforest. Lush tropical rainforest literally drapes into the reef laden waters. Approximately an hour and a half from Port Douglas via the Daintree River.

the locals are very friendly

Tourism Port Douglas - Daintree / Cape Tribulation - Port Douglas Daintree Australia
The Daintree is home to hundreds of different frog species. This guy is probably the best known. The 'White Lipped Green Tree Frog'. If you didn't happen to see one anywhere else The Rainforest Habitat is a sure thing.

Some images supplied courtesy of  Tourism Port Douglas Daintree

Some images supplied by the following photographers and are protected by copyright: Please contact us for copies if you would like to use.

Perrin Clarke / Ryan Green / Naomi Murphy / Josh Miles

Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef

10 Things to do in Port Douglas if its raining

What to do in Port Douglas when it's raining

If you are lucky enough to see Port Douglas during a tropical down pour, here are couple of things we suggest you do to best enjoy it.  
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Top 15 Port Douglas Things to Do

Walk Four Mile Beach

Sunset at Palm Tree Point

Stroll the The Reef Marina

Visit Sunday Markets

Visit the Reef

Visit the Rainforest

Dine on the water

Go to Mossman Gorge

Fly above the Reef

Dine at Flames of the Forest

Stroll Macrossan Street

Go on Historical walk

Visit Flagstaff Hill (Port Douglas Lookout)

Watch Reef boats come in

Watch a movie at the cinema

10 Things To Do in Port Douglas Australia

Port Douglas is a resort town whose relaxed tropical outlook and stunning natural beauty make it a perfect vacation destination. A wide range of Port Douglas accommodation and equally wide range of activities make this a memorable trip for everyone in the family.

Great Barrier Reef
Just off the town's eastern shore lies one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders with over 400 species of coral and 1,500 species of fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and rays. The variety of tours is endless, and visitors can see the reef from the deck of a boat or snorkel alongside the fish.

Flagstaff Hill
Port Douglas is bounded by water on three sides, and Flagstaff Hill Lookout offers a breathtaking view of the entire panorama. The Lookout can be reached by car, but the gentle grade makes this an enjoyable walk for most visitors.

Four Mile Beach
The turquoise waters and wide sand deck fringed by palms and mangroves rather than urban sprawl make Four Mile Beach one of the region’s favorites. The waves are gentle and family-friendly, while strong winter Trade Winds make it popular with kitesurfers from June to August.

The Reef Marina
Located on the west side of town on the Dickson Inlet, The Reef Marina is a good place to go to the reef and to enjoy a lively marina with a shopping arcade and waterside cafes.

Estuary Cruises
See Port Douglas’ mangrove system from a classic riverboat. Dense mangrove swamps, water birds like heron and egrets, and saltwater crocodiles are expected sights along the way.

Downtown Port Douglas
Macrossan St is the town’s main avenue, lined with shops and casual restaurants. Here are numerous galleries featuring local artists working in a wide range of styles. A special feature of Port Douglas, the galleries have become well-known over the years and are an attraction in themselves.

Sunday Markets
Each Sunday morning seaside Anzac Park becomes the setting for colorful open-air markets. In addition to goods produced by local craftsmen and artists there’s a mouth-watering selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers.

Flames of the Forest
Have dinner in the rainforest. Flames of the Forest offers a rainforest dinner to remember for couples, weddings and corporate groups. Click on image to locate business and book.

Daintree National Park
Of the many day trips available from Port Douglas, the most noteworthy is to Daintree National Park, home to more species of plants and animals than any other place on earth and Australia’s largest tropical rainforest. There’s a tour for every taste, including one led by indigenous aboriginal people that has visitors sliding in the mud of mango swamps, learning survival skills and to catch their own seaside dinner.

Golf Courses
The stunning scenery of the area makes a perfect backdrop for golf. Port Douglas has several world class courses, so beautifully designed even casual golfers will want to hit the links.




Cairns Airport72km50m
Cairns City80km
Daintree Village
Daintree Ferry
Cape Trib.
1h 45m
Mossman Gorge
3h 30m

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