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The day Port Douglas goes to the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’!


As one of the world’s most unique phenomena, the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse path will travel right over Port Douglas.


But what can we expect to see at 6.38am as the moon travels across the sun for just over 2 minutes on the morning of November 14th this year?  

Well it rather depends on the viewing point you can secure.  


The key to eclipse watching is where you’re watching it from and with an expected 20 to 40,000 visitors packing into the Port Douglas peninsula and surrounding areas just on the day, great vantage points are going to be rare, well rarer than a Solar Eclipse! And the crowd figures we are estimating do not take into account the thousands of visitors who have booked holiday packages for the week of the event and have an organised private viewing platform included.


So if you are planning to come for the day, don’t take any chances. Book a viewing platform (transport to/from the sites can also be organised). Just visit the specially built website for full details.  This is too big an event to waste time rushing from one spot to the next trying to catch a glimpse of the sky.  ‘Cos if you miss it, it’ll be at least another 25 years before it happens again across Australia, so plan your tour.!
As if the Eclipse itself wasn’t exciting enough, The Solar Eclipse Marathon, where 2,000 entrants are anticipated, is also starting on the southern end of Four Mile Beach.  The marathon organisers are holstering the largest inter-galactic starting gun ever used to start a race as the first rays of light re-emerge from behind the moon.  The huge crowds gathered for the Solar Eclipse spectacle can then thrill at the excitement of seeing marathon legend Steve Moneghetti and his fellow Australian and International athletes come off Four Mile Beach after navigating the Mowbray Valley and Historic Bump Track and finish up Macrossan Street any time from 8:00am that morning.  

Port Douglas will be alive as the community via its Chamber of Commerce is also organising a festival of events that is plans to host the thousands of eclipse spectators before and after the universal event so they can enjoy a full day or even days of activities and live entertainment.  

Port Douglas is working hard to ensure that The Total Solar Eclipse is remembered as one of those events where visitors are proud to say “I was there’ and those who couldn’t make it will forever rue the day when Port Douglas went to the dark side of the moon!

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