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See the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse from Four Mile Beach Port Douglas

Well there was only one way to be sure we got the correct information to answer these vital questions, so we consulted the experts at the well documented eclipse and authoritive organisations on line and they are very optimistic.  Apparently because this 2012 November eclipse comes at the early part of the rainy monsoon season, cloud cover is not so heavy as in the months following, and there are good prospects for a sunny day on the 14th.


Temperatures are warm – mornings range around the upper 20s – and the humidity is high, typically, around 80 percent at eclipse time.  Let's hope we have a morning sky like we did in 2008 when the sunrise photograph adjacent was taken from our Four Mile Beach at the same November time of the year.


The Solar Eclipse Marathon Port Douglas 2012

The easterly trade wind flow over Queensland is complicated by the presence of the Great Dividing Range that lies tight against the coast around Port Douglas. The easterly trades push up against the Range, and, being forced to rise, bring a heavier cloudiness and precipitation to the seaward facethan to the inland lee side.

Mountains are chancy places to watch an eclipse – especially mountains that are bathed in tropical moisture. Cloud prospects are therefore good along the coast, especially in the region leading up to Port Douglas but Cairns is on the inner edge of the southern outer limit of the eclipse so the nearer to Port Douglas you can get the better for a total 'total' eclipse.  It's the same story for Mareeba and the Tablelands.  Mareeba is in the centre of the Southern limit of the Eclipse path but Atherton and Tolga are right on the outer edgemaking the view of a total solar eclipse more unlikely.

Just in case you have heard about the 'total' eclipse in China, earlier this year in May, you might be interested to know that their eclipse was actually an annular eclipse and had a duration of 5 mins 46 seconds.  This brings forward another question.  What is a Total Solar Eclipse and what is an Annular Solar Eclipse.  Here we go back to our experts for more help. What is the difference between an annular and a total eclipse.  An annular eclipse, like the one China experienced, occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus,surrounding the outline of the Moon.

A total eclipse, as per the one we will experience in 2012, occurs when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon. The intensely bright disk of the Sun is replaced by the dark silhouette of the Moon, and the much fainter corona is visible. During any one eclipse, totality is visible only from at most a narrow track on the surface of the Earth, just like the one Port Douglas is on.

Eclipse tracks courtesy of Fred Espenak


More information in the length of the Eclipse:


The Total Solar Eclipse of 14 November 2012 will only be visible by a slither of land mass cutting through the tip of North Queensland (right over Port Douglas) in Australia for a period of between 2 minutes 4 seconds. The longest part of the Total Solar Eclipse will occur over the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and will last over 4 minutes.

You will note when searching the 2012 Eclipse that most references will feature the date as being the 13th of November. As it does on the gif image above. This is Universal Time. In Universal time, the total eclipse starts in Northern Australia at 20:35:08 UT on November 13 (November 14 Australian Time), and ends in the South Pacific off South America at 23:48:24 UT on November 13. The maximum eclipse is at 22:11:48 UT on November 13, when the total phase will last just over 4 minutes.


The partial eclipse will be visible over much of Australia, all of New Zealand and the South Pacific between 19:37:58 UT on November 13 and 00:45:34 UT on November 13.

News Stories

Friday 7 September

Great Danes!

One company is going the extra mile to promote Port Douglas, and chances are you've never even heard of them.

Denmark-based Albatros Travel, organisers of some of the world's most challenging adventure marathons in Africa, China and the Artic among others, will be sending hundreds of international athletes to Port Douglas to run in November's Solar Eclipse Marathon..

Having spent $35,000 locally to produce a series of ads to promote the marathon, Albatros' efforts will do more for Port Douglas than just attracting international runners to the region for six days in November.

Albatros have recently reported spending over $200,000 in the promotion of the Port Douglas event through print media, online marketing, and marathon expos in Chicago, Berlin, Orlando, Beijing, and Gold Coast. 

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These efforts have attracted almost 80,000 views on YouTube (to put that into perspective that’s almost 80 times the number of views of the region's official promotional video) and highlights some of the many reasons people love coming to our region.

"I think it's important for people to know about the work and the money that's gone into promoting not just the event itself, but the region, by a company on the other side of the planet," said Port Douglas Event Management's Sam Cullen.

"They've shown a lot of faith in Port Douglas by investing so heavily in the success of the event, and I'm sure the town will benefit from their promotion in more ways than one.

"It was these guys that have given us the impetus to establish the annual Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival.

"The marathon itself is a great platform to leverage future visitation and it's the type of event Port Douglas and its residents will be proud to host," he said.

Wednesday 23 December


Jason O'Brien confirms run in 2012 Solar Eclipse Marathon


Queensland State Member for Cook, Mr Jason O'Brien confirmed by email to our office yesterday that he intends to run in the Total Solar Eclipse Marathon being held in and around Port Douglas on 14th November 2012.


Mr O'Brien says "While I would hate to make a promise I cannot deliver, it is my intention to run the full marathon on that day.  I am starting my preparation.  I have never run a marathon before, but I pride myself on being one of the fitter members of this parliament".

He went a little further when he threw the 'gauntlet' down to his fellow Members of Parliament by saying, "I put it before this parliament that it is my intention to run the full marathon on that day.  I invite all other members to be in Port Douglas on that important day and join with me in running the first marathon at Port Douglas, which will be an ongoing event".


This first ever full marathon festival is being organised in Port Douglas to coincide with the total solar eclipse occurring at 6.38am in the morning of November 14th. The runners will start their 42.195kms marathon as the first rays of the sun re-emerge from behind the moon, thus creating the first ever intergalactic starting gun.


Jason will be part of a competitive field that is filling up with superstars and celebrities already as Australian Marathon Legend and Event Ambassador, Steve Monaghetti, has also stated that he will be running in this Marathon and will be recruiting many of his ex national team mates and fellow athletes to experience this first ever Port Douglas marathon event.


The event is being organised by Travelling Fit, Australia's only specialist travel agency dedicated to the needs of the running community together with their international partners Albatros Travel from Denmark in association with their destination managers, Port Douglas Event Management.


The travel packages and entry details will be released in May 2010.

Wednesday 11 November


Solar Eclipse support from local MP


After the Cairns Post wrote the story 'Eclipse Marathon a Health Hazard' in their weekend edition in their usual inimitable style with standard negative attitude to the Port Douglas Region, our State MP in Jason O'Brien was so outraged he sent in this letter to their Editor.

Letters to the Editor
Cairns Post
Via Email.

November 9 2009.

I WAS very surprised that the Cairns Post chose to run the silly item “Eclipse Marathon a Health Hazard” on Saturday.

The statement that the marathon is a health hazard is nonsense and calls into question the competence of the organisers and the viability of a signature event that has virtually universal support in the Port Douglas community.

The organisers, Port Douglas Event Management, Travelling Fit Australia and Albatross Travel Denmark, are respected, experienced, professional and competent.

If the Cairns Post had bothered to check, the marathon will start in the cool of the morning – 6.30am, to be precise.

There will be extra water stations along the route. There will be ample medical support including along the route.

Rather than knock this important event at a time when tourism in our region is suffering, the Cairns Post might like to support it and the community’s efforts to keep the local economy ticking over, to protect small business and to protect jobs.

Yours sincerely,

Jason O’Brien
Member for Cook.


Newsport Editor's Comment : Good on you Jason, thanks for supporting Port Douglas on what will obviously be a fantastic event and 'Bahoo sucks' to the Cairns Post !

Tuesday 10 November


Steve Monaghetti Launches 2012 Solar Eclipse Marathon


 Arriving directly from the airport a streamlined Steve Monaghetti dealt swiftly but professionally with awaiting media before speaking to an invited audience of Local Stakeholders, State & Local Politicians, Representatives of the Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bodies.

Also speaking at the mock up Gala 2012 Athlete Celebration Dinner hosted by Port Douglas Event Management was event organiser Michael Walton from Travelling Fit Australia and International Adventure Marathon Travel Agent Albatros Travel from Denmark.

Both Division 10 Councillor Julia Leu and Major Val Shier were absolutely delighted to have such a prestigious event held within their respective regions. “This event will bring about a great injection into the local community” Ms Shier said “with annual events already being planned for 2013 and beyond”.

Local Port Douglas & Daintree Tourism Executive Office Doug Ryan also in attendance was extremely delighted with the Marathon to be run here in Port Douglas.  “Port Douglas is a an amazing place”, said Mr Ryan, “this event is perfectly suited to our lifestyle and landscape”.

“The evening was a tremendous success on all accounts” reported Roy Weavers, Media Officer for Port Douglas Event Management, “Steve Monaghetti is a wonderful Ambassador for the entire region with his biased love for the region already in place from a previous visit”.

Mr Monaghetti left the evening for his accommodation for a planned morning run along Four Mile Beach with a possie of local runners the next morning. Mr Monaghetti said “the idea of running an event involving such diverse landscapes from beach to rainforest would make a world famous Marathon route much in demand by the growing Adventure Marathon Market”.

Packages for the event will commence in May 2010 and will be sold throughout the world via the amazingly large runner databases Travelling Fit and Albatros Travel already have in existence. A first in best dressed for the 2,000 competitors is sure to attract a flurry of attention over the package launch period next year. 

Wednesday 04 November


International Marathon comes to Port Douglas


The first ever full and Half Marathon running festival is being organised in Port Douglas to coincide with the Total Solar Eclipse in November 2012.


This full adventure 42.195 km Marathon will start on the morning of November 14th as the first rays of the sun re-emerge from behind the moon thus creating the first ever intergalactic starting gun !


The event will be organised by Travelling Fit, Australia’s only specialist travel agency dedicated to the needs of the running community.


With such international and domestic support the organisers are confident at capping running competitors at 2,000.  This will bring approximately 2,700 visitors including support crews and families to the Port Douglas region, making it significantly the largest single international event the region has ever seen.


To launch this unique event, Travelling Fit, together with their international travel partners, Albatross Travel from Denmark, and in association with their on site agents, Port Douglas Event Management, are hosting an informal Presentation evening at Rex Smeal Park in Port Douglas to an invited audience of VIPs including Cairns Regional Council Mayor, Val Schier and Division 10 councillor Julia Leu, Queensland State Member for Cook, Jason O'Brien, Tourism Port Douglas Daintree EO Doug Ryan, Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce representatives and the official event Ambassador, Australian marathon legend, Steve Monaghetti.


A feature of this unique running festival will be the inclusion of local, national and international runners all travelling to the area as part of a series of fully hosted “tour and accommodation” packages.


Michael Walton, the business development manager at Travelling Fit, said “this event will provide Australian and International runners with a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience world-wide and will have a significant impact on the tourism industry in Port Douglas and the wider community”.


He adds “having the support of the local tourism and business communities is essential for the success of any venture and we are fortunate to have Port Douglas as the focal point for this unique event”.


The Solar Eclipse Marathon will cater to participants of all levels of ability and will have accommodation levels to suit every budget and requirement, from single runners to large families looking for an extended holiday.


Founded in 2000 by Mari-Mar Walton, Travelling Fit takes people from all walks of life and gives them the opportunity to run in some of the world’s largest Marathons, including the ING New York City Marathon and the Virgin London Marathon.


For more information about the Solar Eclipse Marathon contact Michael Walton at Travelling Fit on 0404 828 040 or alternatively email


All media enquiries to Roy Weavers, Media Officer, Port Douglas Event Management, PO Box 127, Port Douglas, QLD 4877  email:  Ph: 07 4099 4540

2012 Monolith Eclipse
Solar Eclipse Viewing Packages available
The path of the 2012 Solar Eclipse: Tracking over the Pacific Ocean towards FNQ Australia

It appears the idealic Pretty Beach will be the best location for the TOTAL Solar Eclipse. Pretty Beach is already famous for the string of XXXX GOLD television advertisements that were filmed there in 2007. The shape of the beach lends itself to make your feel like your on a tropical island.

2012 Solar Eclipse - Port Douglas
Photo taken in November 2008 off Four Mile Beach Port Douglas

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