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Pet Sitting, Pet Care and Training

Local Vets:

Both vets are located in Mossman, a township that is located approximately 15 minutes drive away from Port Douglas.  


Mossman Veterinary Surgery

135 Alchera Drive

Mossman (07) 4098 1888


Hands on Healing Veterinary Clinic

47 Front Street


(07) 4098 1999



Tropical Consideration with Pets in Port Douglas



Crocodiles inhabit the inland waterways and do swim occasionally in the coastal seawaters.  As a rule, do not let your dog swim in the rivers or wander close to the edge of the riverbank.  Creeks are OK – just check with the locals beforehand.  In the sea, there is mostly no problem, but it is advised that you watch your dog.  If there is a rare sighting of a crocodile on Four Mile Beach then it is normally closed until the crocodile has gone. 



Scrub (‘Scrubbies’) and Carpet Pythons have a special penchant for wallabies and smaller mammals and marsupials. 

Try and avoid leaving your dog (especially the smaller breeds) on a chain outside overnight.  Pythons have been known to eat the dog and still have the chain attached! A closed in run area or keeping your dog inside will avoid your pooch becoming the next python morsel. 


Paralysis Ticks

Not all ticks cause a problem and there are 75 different species of ticks. Only one species Ixodes holocyclus causes paralysis.

Ticks are more prevalent in spring and autumn when rain follows a period of warm weather. 

The toxin from the female tick is what causes paralysis.  The tick will stay on for around 10 days and it is the around the 5-7 day mark that signs of paralysis get severe. 

The only way to identify this specie is that it has 8 legs, on each side there is one brown leg at the front and back but the two middle legs are white.  Since body colours vary it is difficult to identify from this. 

Treatment is to remove the tick as soon as possible by twisting the body off (rather than just pulling).  Avoid using metho, lighter or any other dangerous tactic.


Signs of poisoning:

Loss of appetite

A change in bark or voice

Vomiting or retching

Coughing (particularly a soft, moist cough)

Weakness in the back legs

Partial facial paralysis

Difficulty swallowing

Panting, noisy breathing or difficulty breathing

Excessive salivation


Any of the above symptoms take your dog and any remnants of removed ticks to the vet. 


Dog Sitters and Training in Port Douglas


Dog Direction

Services offered are dog training, day care, group training, puppy starter pages.  Call Hannah on 0402354249.


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