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Port Douglas Tourism Booking and Information

Peet Friendly Shuttles and Taxi's

Local Shuttles:

There are local shuttles from Port Douglas town centre that leave regularly (about every 15 minutes) to the other end of town.  Special requests for Mowbray and Shannonvale can be arranged.

SR Transport Local Shuttle

Only care dogs allowed

Dogs to be carried on laps and on a lead

Sizzling Wheels
Dogs on leads that are well-adjusted to people and socialise easy are welcome.

Port Douglas Taxi

131 008

Let them know that you have a dog and they will arrange to have a pet friendly driver pick you up. 

Railway Train:

Bally Hooley Train does take dogs on board.  Just keep them on a lead in case they want to jump out at the toot of the whistle. 

Crocodile Express:

You can even take your dog on a croc spotting tour along the Daintree River. Subject to numbers bring your dog along and they can see a real life crocodile!

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