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Pet Friendly Port Douglas - Travelling with Pets



Port Douglas is a welcoming place for people and pets alike. The laid back environs of Port Douglas welcomes pets and recognises them as an intrinsic part of your holiday enjoyment.  

The following information details pooch-friendly accommodation, restaurants and bars (other pets like birds, snakes, lizards, alpacas, tarantulas, pigs and cats may be welcome with prior notice and to the discretion of each establishment concerned).


Port Douglas and Pet Control Laws:

Control of pets in public places:

In Port Douglas your dog is required to be walked on a lead whenever you are outside your own property.  This includes taking your dog to and from your vehicle.


Where can I walk my dog off leash?

Port Douglas Dog owners can walk their pets on the southern end of Four Mile Beach, south of Four Mile Park in Barrier St (see map) without a leash. All other areas require a leash.


National Parks and Nature Reserves with Pets

In Daintree National Park in Cape Tribulation domestic animals, including birds are not allowed.  Some accommodation places and camping places will allow pets (Linkhaven (link here) and Rainforest Village (link here)).

Dogs in Daintree are allowed on the roads and allocated walking tracks on a lead. 

Cow Bay Beach is dog friendly beach and your dog can run free without a lead.

Please be aware that there are crocodiles that occasionally patrol these coastal waters so keep an eye on your dog if it decides it wants to swim!

In most cases, local council regulations will stipulate whether dogs are permitted and under what conditions (e.g., on a leash). It is advisable to contact Douglas Shire Council to see what local regulations may prevail. 


Pets around Port Douglas

General guidelines are that the dog should be kept on a lead whilst in Port Douglas town area. There are signs that will identify the areas that are no dog zones.  Around some park areas dogs can be let off to run if kept close to you. 

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