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Port Douglas Tourism Booking and Information

Luxury Packages in Port Douglas

It is a cliché, but Port Douglas is the place where the rich and the famous come to ‘get away from it all’ in Australia.  

Port Douglas’s reputation started in the 50’s when a first cousin of the queen settled in Port Douglas and set up a fine dining restaurant (Nautilus Restaurant). Her visiting friends and entourage started the tradition of visiting nobility and celebrities and since then Port Douglas has never looked back.  

Port Douglas over the decades and to present day has been host to presidents, pop stars, divas, rock stars, actors, millionaires and billionaires all gravitating to Port Douglas. 

Like moths around a flame they are attracted to not only the climate and the beauty of Port Douglas, but despite being a million miles away from everything, they can still dine on top class cuisine and stay in immaculately appointed accommodation

The restaurants in Port Douglas boast Michelin Star chefs trained by the royalty of chefdom with influences from around the world, using the best of fresh local produce.

There are many tours that can offer private charters.  Whether you wish to private charter a luxury yacht, go fishing, dive on the Barrier Reef, explore the Daintree Rainforest,  4x4 off-road or take a sedate helicopter ride to a private beauty spot for lunch – there are tours to cater for your every requirement and those beyond your imagination. 

Port Douglas also offers a wide range of luxury accommodation options.  From a 5 star Sheraton Resort with all the bells and whistles, to an exclusive rainforest hideaway resort (Silky Oaks), where you can swim in the rainforest creek in the morning and live under the canopy of the Daintree Rainforest.  

If you wish to go it more alone then there are a wide range of accommodations from beach houses (Tugela, Tenterfield), to private rainforest retreats (Janbal), from hilltop mansions with panoramic views across the Coral Sea (15 Wharf Street, 7 Wharf Street), to helicopter access only outback retreats  complete with its own staff (Crystalbrook).

Our tour specialists know all the secret places and private tour specialists to ensure that you experience only the very best that Port Douglas has to offer.

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