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Thursday 31 May 2012

Young Croc heads home to USA


Wet weather footy finally greeted the mighty Under 8 Port Douglas Crocs at Crathern Park on Sunday against the Central Bulldogs.

After an even first quarter the Crocs settled with some accurate kicking in front of goal to take a slight advantage into the main break.

Hugo ”Roberts” Ellison was impressive throughout the match with many unselfish acts which involved bringing other team members into the play and finished the day with four sausage rolls.

He was well supported by Kia ”Fev” Durie who lead well from centre half forward with some strong chest marks which delighted the enthusiastic crowd.

In his new role Ethan ”The Blanket” Scott was rebounding well out of defence and linked in well with Daniel ”Fisher” Harrington with some outstanding long clearing kicks into the middle of the ground.

In the middle and game day captain Sam ”Mark Lee” Wall was dominant in the ruck, palming the ball at will to inform rover Kalan ”Dangerfield” Poole who moved the ball quickly by both hand and foot into the Crocs' forward line.

Coach’s awards went to Sam, Kalan and Kai. Again special thanks to the Bulldogs who assisted with player numbers.


It was in intense game this week for the Under 10s at Crathern Park against Pyramid Power with thrills and spills to keep everyone on the sidelines entertained. 

Our team fought like heroes through injuries and played hard for the ball.  Slade Roberts and Jake Sherwell took some great marks and Scott Cooper kept the pressure on with some excellent blocking and possessions. 

Ethan Bakker and Jamie Hudson played a fantastic game through all quarters. 

Goal kickers were Curtis Kuhlman (3), Jacob Rich (1) and Jake Sherwell (1).  Anthony Long kicked a goal from centre which unfortunately could not be counted!  

Awards went to Jacob Rich, Jake Sherwell, Curtis Kuhlman and the medal to Anthony Long. It was Curtis Kuhlman’s last game with the Crocs as he returns to the U.S.A. 

Coach Brad Cooper thanked Curtis for his time with us and Port Douglas Junior Crocs wish Curtis and his family all the very best.

The fourth placed Under 12s Crocs were up against third placed Hawks Brown at Trinity Beach on Sunday.

The game started with both sides going in hard for the ball with Crocs' players Charlie, Ryan and Ben working hard in the centre to give the Crocs a small lead at quarter time.

In the second quarter great play from Brayden, Billy and Daniel gave our forwards Hugo, Reuben and Joel lots of opportunities to score with Hugo in particular taking some great over head marks which he finished off with goals maintaining the boys' lead.

The second  half saw the Hawks team lift which put a lot of pressure on our defensive players. Jack, Brody and Toby battled hard to keep the ball out, with Leon and Bryce tackling hard it made it difficult for the Hawks team to score.

By the final siren the Hawks had come out on top with the score Hawks 40 to Crocs 21. Awards went to Billy Thomson and two of our new players who are showing great improvement each week - Touc Nguyen and Josh Bellero.

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Ken Skinner, Port Douglas, 01-06-12 13:17:
Thanks for your support Newsport, C'mon down to the Central Hotel for the Little Croc's raffle every Saturday 12 to 2 Great prize's. Locals supporting our future. Love Ya Douglas (Shire) Community.

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