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Wed 1 Apr

Thursday 12 April 2012

Yolly becomes a Rolex Scholar

Yolly Bosiger
Yolly Bosiger has become a Rolex Scholar.

Yoland (Yolly) Bosiger is just 25 years old and about to embark on maybe the most exciting year of her life, and considering that this young woman has already sailed half way around the world, volunteered in South Africa with Great White sharks, researched Piranha at the head waters of the Amazon and recently been awarded top Honours student for Biological Science at JCU Townsville...that’s saying something!

For more than 35 years, the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society® has provided firsthand experiences in underwater-related disciplines to young people considering careers in the underwater world.

Each year, a scholar is selected from North America, Europe, and Australasia to work with leaders in marine-related fields, partaking in endeavours ranging from scientific expeditions, underwater research, field study, laboratory assignments, equipment testing and design, photographic instruction, and/or other specialised assignments.

Scholars spend a year traveling extensively to gain exposure and get hands-on experiences in activities that will contribute to a well-rounded education.

Yolly is one of three in the world awarded this Scholarship each year for 2012. Rolex is the major sponsor of the OWUSS and Yolly will be inducted along with the European and American reciprocates into the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society in New York mid-April.
Yolly was born in Cyprus to Janis and Lorenz Bosiger during their world circumnavigation on their 38ft sloop SY Limerick Lady and proved herself to be a true daughter of the ocean. She was home schooled until her family settled in Mossman. Yolly attended Mossman State Primary and graduated MSHS in 2005 with High Distinctions.
Yolly became a Dive Master during a gap year with Calypso Dive, Port Douglas and went on to study Law at JCU Townsville. This move away from the water proved to be too much for her so she expanded her degree to include Science majoring in Marine Biology. Yolly graduated with a Bachelor of Laws – Bachelor of Science in 2011, winning an academic medal for her achievements.

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The Our World Underwater Scholarship will provide Yolly with a life changing opportunity to discover and explore her interests with respect to the underwater realm. Yolly will be travelling for most of the year and will spend  time with the society's friends, hosts, and coordinators around the world.

Each of the three scholars has a coordinator who organises itineraries for his or her scholar - emphasising breadth of experience, but tailoring the itinerary to the individual scholar’s background and interests. 

During the year Yolly hopes to develop her technical diving and underwater photography skills, whilst also learning more about marine science and conservation. Ultimately Yolly would like to use both her scientific and legal knowledge to develop better protection for vitally important underwater ecosystems.
The global underwater community sees the selected North American, European, and Australasian scholars as individuals with the potential to make significant contributions to the underwater world.

During the course of the year, exposure to a wide array of types of work provides scholars with experiences and opportunities that will be invaluable in defining their chosen career path.

Yolly will be required to write a journal and blog documenting her underwater experiences throughout her year.

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Yoland Bosiger, , 26-04-12 18:50:
Thanks so much girls. I am extremely honoured and thrilled to be named the new Australasian Our World Underwater Scholar and I determined to make the most of all the incredible opportunities given to me.
I will be updating my journals and blogs as often as possible so stay tuned :)
Meryl Greet, , 18-04-12 17:21:
Congratulations Yolly on the well deserved recognition of your special skills and vital interest. I have many happy memories of our dives from Calypso where we always looked for the most minute sea creatures and in so doing, found lots of bigger ones as well. I am sure that you will expand your knowledge further with the support of this scholarship. I was really excited when I heard that you had won it.

Don't lose the watch in the deep blue sea. Looking forward to catching up when you get home.
Mereana Pohatu, , 12-04-12 15:31:
Congratulations Yolly on your awarded Scholarship & your acedemic achievements!
We here in the far north are very lucky to have special ones like yourself passionately living, researching, learning, sharing, helping, etc our small but closely guarded eco systems.
Well done to you & here's to your future endeavours.
Also, Thank you from the depths of the deep blue.

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