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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Where will you view the eclipse?

Residents are being urged to stay at home, where possible, to view November's eclipse. Image by

The countdown to the total solar eclipse has ducked below 50 days, and around 50,000 people are expected to converge on the region to witness the spectacular phenomenon.

With just seven weeks to go Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree executive officer Doug Ryan said visitors should book Opens external link in new windowPort Douglas accommodation, and accommodation around the region now or risk missing out.

“There is still accommodation available, although I wouldn’t leave it too long. We are anticipating a last minute rush and the remaining rooms to be snapped up quickly,” Mr Ryan said.

"There are literally thousands of people from all over the world who chase total solar eclipses, no matter where, and we are lucky to have it here right in our backyard.”

The eclipse will start at about 5.45am, depending on Opens external link in new windowviewing location, on Wednesday, November 14, while the total eclipse will be seen just before 6.40am.

Mayor Bob Manning said locals should start thinking about where they will watch the event.

“...we are asking locals to think about staying home and enjoying the experience with their families and friends.

“The best seat in the house is your own – especially if you have a view of the sunrise.

“There will be a lot of visitors moving around and we want to make sure residents are safe. That means staying off the roads, if possible, and planning your own special morning," Cr Manning said.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland's Rob Giason said along with the visual spectacular, the eclipse will also pose some logistical problems.

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“Unfortunately, the popularity of the event is likely to cause us fairly significant traffic problems, particularly along the highway between Cairns and Port Douglas.
“We need people to do their research, listen to the information that will be released in the media, and plan to view the eclipse from somewhere safe that won’t add to the traffic problems," he said. 

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas is holding one of a number of dedicated eclipse events in Port Douglas with a Opens external link in new windowTotal Solar Eclipse Party on November 13.

The event will be hosted by comedian Julia Morris with entertainment by The Voice' Karise Eden.

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beth hughes, port douglas, 25-09-12 12:51:
what is the go with the boat ramp-heard council were closing it-do you have any more info? times etc?

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