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Sun 29 Mar

Thursday 1 November 2012

Volunteer with benefits

Port Douglas Event Management is calling for course volunteers to assist with the event management of the 2012 CANEGROWERS Solar Eclipse Adventure Marathon on Wednesday 14 November.  

Around 20 volunteers are needed to support the many business groups that have already put their hand up to be involved.

Volunteers will have an early, but breathtaking, start to their day meeting at the southern end of Four Mile Beach to watch the total solar eclipse with all the runners before taking up their position on the course.

And with beach space at a premium, volunteers will secure on of the best spots in the region to watch the eclipse.

PDEM spokesman Bruno Bennett said the response from the business community had been fantastic, and as with the 2011 Great Barrier Reef Marathon, all water stations will be staffed by local businesses.

“Port businesses have really come on board to help attain the goal of creating a major annual marathon - it will become a real feature of our annual event. All we need now is you. ” he said.

Coles are supplying all the water, fruit and snacks for both runners and volunteers and have committed to this support for the next two years. Similarly Poseidon, Sailaway, Tropica Entertainment, Mossman Gorge Centre, wellness@port and Zinc FM will be operating these water stations and supporting the 2013 and 2014 marathons.

Volunteers will receive free breakfast and lunch and their assistance will be warmly welcomed.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Bruno Bennett on 0407 568 969, bruno@pdem.com.au or call in to register with Roy at The Newsport office.

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