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Thu 26 Mar

Monday 31 October 2011

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Unique solution to child care

Denslow family
L-R: Keeley 4, Geoff, Ethan 10, Heather, and Alenka 7.

A local family have initiated an innovative baby sitting solution which is sure to become popular in the area, as much for its social aspect as its primary purpose of child care.

Heather Denslow, moved to Port Douglas less than two months ago with husband, Geoff, and children, Keely, Ethan, and Alenka, and brought concept of 'Babysitting Friends' with them.

While the booking service for the club is online (Geoff is in the I.T. industry), members get the opportunity to meet other families at a social level to build a rapport and trust before the service is needed.

Members have the ability to choose their preferred baby sitter from other members of the club, providing complete control over who they would like to care for their children.

The idea, which allows people to join the club for free, has spread from her home town of the Gold Coast due to the popularity of the service.

"We developed the whole online administration system to make it really easy for people," Heather said.

"We've got about 100 members in the Gold Coast club. But I've had so many people contact me from other parts of Australia. We've now got eight other clubs."

Members can build up credits by baby sitting other people's children which can be 'spent' when their children require care.

"The points go around like currency so it works really well," Heather said.

She said parents with children too small can still join, and earn credits that can be used at a later date.

The next Babysitting Friends catch up is to be held on Sunday 6 November from 2pm in Port Douglas.

For more information contact Heather on 0403 689323 or info@babysittingclub.com.  

Look for a familiar face on The Newsport Social page.

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