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Thursday 1 November 2012

There's no place like home

With just two weeks left before the most anticipated event in the region's history, the total solar eclipse, have you decided where you'll witness the event?

Beaches from Cairns to Wonga will be hotspots for the estimated 50,000 to 60,000 people expected to travel to the region, and with a high tide expected, beach space will be at a premium.

Some may even be tempted to wade into the water to avoid the crowds, but with stinger nets due to be deployed on Monday, authorities are strongly advising against it.

With such an event comes many challenges for eclipse taskforce representatives from Council, emergency services, and event managers among others.

Traffic management right through to the management of our public toilets has had to be considered to minimise the potential for chaos that such a crowd can create.

TOMORROW: 'Look Up', Council's free information guide to everything eclipse will be available on The Newsport

In these last two weeks leading up to the Solar Eclipse, residents of the region are being urged to step outside their homes at 6.38am to see if they are able to see an uninterrupted view of the sun.

If you're one of the lucky ones who can, then take advantage of that stroke of good fortune, avoid the crowded roads and beaches, and share a relaxed eclipse experience with your family and neighbours in your street.

There will be a number of areas within our region that have been reserved for commercial use, with permits having been issued by Council on sections of Four Mile Beach, and Wangetti Beach for instance, increasing the urgency of planning ahead for a suitable viewing experience.

Some land owners have also made arrangements to host private groups.

We've received a handful of photos (below) from readers across the solar eclipse path (see map below) who have already checked out the sun's position from their homes, and they're happy to share them with you.

We encourage you to send in your pics, along with your street name and town, so others can begin making their eclipse plan.

Pop out at 6.38am, take a snap of the view you get looking towards the sunrise, and send it to We'll compose a gallery to help everyone make their eclipse experience one to remember - for a good reason!

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