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Friday 1 June 2012

Run marathons - here's how

If you've ever aspired to become a marathon runner but the goal seems impossibly far away, The Newsport in conjunction with Actin Fitness and Spinewise are delivering you the steps to achieve your dream.

Each week, starting today, we'll be posting a training regime you can follow with the ultimate goal of competing in the Solar Eclipse Marathon or Half Marathon event on 14 November this year.

Local triathlete Nick Carling will bring you hints and tips on fitness and technique, and for the early-risers, will be holding free technique sessions at the Port Douglas Sports Complex with the first being held tomorrow at 6am.

Already, a group of local runners have formed aOpens external link in new window Port Douglas Solar Eclipse Marathon Training Squad so why not join them?

The Solar Eclipse Marathon will see 2000 runners from around the world converge on Port Douglas on the morning of the eclipse - there's no reason you can't be one of them.

So let's get started.

Week 1

When embarking on an endurance program, recovery is vitally important. The more damage we do the more time healing we need. So the goal needs to be to first of all “Limit the damage”.

As a runner there are three things you can do to limit the damage:

1. Limit impact on joints

Not as easy as good footwear. In fact the more cushioning underfoot the more we tend to stomp. Understanding how this, along with good technique, is vital and we are holding technique sessions on Saturdays for the next few weeks to help you master this art.

2. Frequency

Doing a two hour run may take three days to recover from, but doing a one hour run may only take one.

As such, doing a one hour run each day will allow for more mileage and less damage than doing a two hour run a couple of times a week. This makes frequency of training so important.

3. Warm up/Cool down

Warming up allows for all your energy producing organs to be prepared for the work ahead. Likewise, cooling down allows for the removal of lactic acid and other harmful by products of muscle use.

A properly conducted warm up and cool down involves a slow elevation of heart rate and a slow decline in heart rate over a period of time. This is essential for good recover and performance.

Actin Fitness and Spinewise take no responsibility for any injury, illness, loss or damage to public property incurred as a result of this program. Participants undertake this program solely at their own risk. Consult your GP before undertaking this program.

Week 1 Program

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