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Tuesday 7 August 2012

Port to host surf sports carnival

Beachgoers are in for a spectacle this weekend as Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club hosts its 2012 surf sports carnival this weekend on Four Mile Beach.

Competitors from as far south as Townsville are expected to vie for points in what will ultimately be a closely fought tussle between the far north’s two biggest clubs, Cairns and Ellis Beach.

Competitors from seven years of age to 60 plus will compete in beach and water events beginning midday on Saturday culminating in presentations on Sunday afternoon.

Port is expected to field a strong team including regular outstanding performers Finn Devine-Cameron, Elisa Markham, Sara McLeod, Nikki Innes, John Goodman and Ed Lukin.

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In the lead up to the carnival, Port competitors experienced some expert coaching from Level 2 surf coach Rhett Collie from Metropolitan Caloundra SLSC and current Australian Open Ironwoman champion, Rebecca Creedy.

A number of club members from nippers through to Masters were put through their paces to refine their skills in race starts, finishes, on the board and on the surf ski.

With the added benefit of intimate knowledge of our beach, Port competitors are hoping to outdo their recent performance at Mission Beach.

It is also hoped that a recent spate of injury and sickness will not impact on the club’s ability to field a strong contingent across all age groups.

”All club members have been training hard and with the introduction of the 60 plus category, Steve Pollard should prove to be the person to beat,” Club President Michael Bolt said.

Mr Bolt also thanked the local businesses who continue to support the club in its endeavours to provide a safe beach environment in Port Douglas.

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