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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Police give offenders a spray

Port Douglas Police arrested three men in their 20s on public nuisance charges.

Three men in their 20s will face Mossman Magistrates Court on public nuisance charges after Port Douglas Police were forced to use capsicum spray on two of the alleged offenders.

The men aged 26, 24, and 22 were arrested in Grant Street at 2.50am on Saturday morning and will appear in court early next month.

On Friday night a number of underage drinkers were given $225 on the spot fines. Port Douglas Police Officer-in-charge Damian Meadows reminded parents that it is an offence to provide alcohol to minors.

Sergeant Meadows applauded drivers for their behaviour with no reported drink driving offences from the weekend. He warned that the Cairns Traffic Branch will return to Port Douglas this weekend.

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Keith Pitt, Mossman, 01-06-12 08:35:
It doesn't matter where they are from Steve, they're locals anyway.
lorraine white, , 30-05-12 17:32:
any news on the matt manns attackers who went to court today
steve Turner, , 30-05-12 15:53:
I think we would all like to know where these three are from - local or visitors?

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