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Mon 30 Mar

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Pies in Port today

Sharrod Wellingham and Heath Shaw arrive in Port Douglas for their mid-season training camp.

Fresh after their seven goal defeat of Melbourne at the MCG yesterday, the Collingwood Football Club have arrived in Port.

Landing in Cairns at lunchtime, the club will have come to Port Douglas for a mid-season training camp before heading back to Melbourne on Friday morning.

The Magpies sit atop the AFL ladder despite their playing list being decimated by injuries, with premiership player Alan Didak the latest to suffer what was thought to be a season-ending groin injury in the first two minutes of yesterday's game, but is now believed to be a short-medium term injury.

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Trish Churchill, Bendigo Victoria, 14-06-12 08:57:
Port Douglas will see what a real footy team looks like after they have watched the Pies.
John Carney, Port Douglas, 13-06-12 18:28:
Hot Pies for me. Hope Nicky Gee gets down to the Croc Pit Thursday to see how a real team looks. He,might be able to give the sick Saints some pointers.
Rachel Guest, Port Douglas, 12-06-12 12:27:
Woo hoo. Go Pies!

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