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Wed 1 Apr

Friday 25 May 2012

Parade moves to 1 June

The 'Heavenly Bodies' street parade tonight has been rescheduled until next Friday as the heavens have obviously dumped enough rain on our parade to postpone it.

The Carnivale committee met first thing this morning with Cairns Regional Council and Police and the decision was made jointly as a direct result of the organisational impact and infrastructure requirements of such a large community event.

Carnivale general manager Ken Dobbs said the huge amount of resources needed to mount the parade successfully were already urgently required to be deployed elsewhere. 

"With this extreme weather event, obviously our S.E.S. are being engaged and also many of the council resources which are usually involved in the parade are being required to deal with flash flooding and roads at the moment. 

"The decision to postpone the parade until next Friday is the best way forward to bring the community a safe and comfortable event, and we trust that as many as possible of our floats will be able to join in in a weeks time" he said.

Mr Dobbs said the scheduled Four Mile Beach Day would proceed tomorrow as planned.  

"Main Roads Department have been in touch with us this morning, some debris has been cleared at Yule Point and the road to Port Douglas is open," he said.

Organisers of the Bullride Spectacular at Daintree Station said their event would proceed as planned tomorrow night, with gates opening at 4pm, a helicopter lolly drop at 5pm and a grand opening spectacle at 6pm.

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Carlton Smith, , 25-05-12 16:07:
Yes it is a shame about the parade. We were up in Port until Tuesday this week although it rained a bit last week, we did not mind at all as Anna Whitfield said it is better than being in Melbourne.
And for any Victorians up there it is bucketing here in Melbourne with 50mm of rain expected today!
Lucy Reynolds, , 25-05-12 14:43:
You are right about that Anna! Probably rather be here in one of your cyclones versus Melbourne at the moment. Sorry everyone didnt mean to sound like we are the only things alive, just dissappointed like the rest of you. Yes looks like a great night out ahead anyway!
If the SES are anything like they are down south you are lucky to have them on board. Great work!
Yes lucky you Mick !
Paula Johnson, , 25-05-12 14:42:
It has also been necessary to reschedule the Street Parade VIP Viewing Party until Friday, 1 June. For those booked into this event who will be unable to attend next Friday, please contact accounts@carnivale.com.au for a refund.
mick lawler, , 25-05-12 14:14:
It looks as though we will get to see the parade as we arrive Sunday 27th for a 10 day stay.
Damian P, , 25-05-12 14:09:
Bottom line is that the SES do a lot of the setting up and they have been very busy this morning, they needed to be out there at 9am getting started instead they where responding to calls for assistance due to the massive down pour. Hats of to those guys and girls, well done.
anna whitfield, , 25-05-12 13:11:
Before the parade is on there is a lot of organizing to do, so these people who need to set up etc need to know well in advance what is going to happen. Shame, but understandable, I am secretly hoping the decision will be reverted, but still, restaurants, pubs etc will be open to enjoy a night in Port Douglas. Looking at the weather it is better to be here then Melbourne.
Lucy Reynolds, , 25-05-12 12:22:
That is a real shame. We have travelled to Port Douglas specifically for tonight from Melbourne. It appears to be clearing on the BOM site??????? What ever happened to, the show must go on!! We met 4 other families just yesterday who had travelled up especially for the Carnivale Parade as well. How many others are out there? Was this considered when deciding to postpone?

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