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Wed 4 Mar

Friday 30 March 2012

Earth Hour tomorrow night | The Newsport

Fri 10.08am  Earth Hour 2012 is expected to be the darkest yet after more than 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries around the world...  



QT Port Douglas

Fri 8.56am NEWS BRIEF: If you were quick you would have spotted the new branding of Rydges Sabaya - QT - on Port Douglas Road. The branding has been concealed for now but here's a sneak peek in case you missed it.

Fri 8.50am NEWS BRIEF: An error has occurred during printing and distribution of the 2012 rates reminder notices, affecting only ratepayers with outstanding rate payments that have not made agreed arrangements with Council.

“Council is in the process of contacting affected ratepayers. Any person who has received an incorrect reminder notice is asked to correctly dispose of the notice,” Council CEO Lyn Russell said.


Home valuations released | The Newsport

Fri 8.14am Valuation notices have posted to all landowners throughout Queensland’s 58 rateable local government areas. Details here...      


Douglas ignored in NBN rollout | The Newsport

Fri 8.08am The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will reach Cairns’ city suburbs within the next year, with work to start in...

Thursday 29 March 2012

Run Forrest! Pet has lucky escape | The Newsport

Thu 10.08am  Snakes are a part of life in Far North Queensland, but seeing your pet in the clutches of a python still gets the blood pumping. 



New faces on Low Ilses | The Newsport

Thu 6.59am The small paradise of Low Isles in tropical North Queensland will this month have new residents, with Wayne and Jenni Fox...     


Road closures - were you in the know? | The Newsport

Thu 6.56am  The Captain Cook Highway closures over recent days threw many in the Douglas region into confusion, raising questions about...

The Viewpoint

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Wed 11.17am NEWS BRIEF: Four candidates will run for the position of councillor for Division 10. Bob Shaw, Terence Melchert, and Pete Smith will attempt to dethrone Julia Leu at the 28 April local government election.

First festival raises thousands | The Newsport

Wed 10.28am  1200 people experienced some brilliant live entertainment thanks to the organisers of the inaugural Port Douglas Community Garden...



O'Brien to quit politics | The Newsport

Wed 8.13am Former State Member for Cook, Jason O'Brien, will quit politics after his election defeat on the weekend at the hands of LNP...    


Return to the Shire | The Newsport

Wed 8.08am  The wheels of change are turning and with a new state government, and increasingly a local government now open to the...

Updated Wed 7.13am: The Department of Transport and Main Roads advise the Captain Cook Highway has  reopened to 2 lanes at Buchans' Point. The road at Oak Beach - single lane open and under traffic control. Allow extra travel time for any delays. 

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Inside Mossman | The Newsport
New arrival for Skysafari | The Newsport

Tue 11.00am About 100 invited guests from the business community joined Skysafari owners Za Harricharan, Chief Pilot Brad King...   


Schier supports deamalgamation | The Newsport

Tue 7.43am    Mayor Val Schier has vowed to support the de-amalgamation of Douglas Shire following the election of an LNP government.    


Referendum to decide Douglas future | The Newsport

Tue 7.38am  De-amalgamation of the Douglas region from Cairns Regional Council will be first on the agenda for the incoming member for Cook.

Monday 26 March 2012

Captain Cook  | The Newsport

Mon 1.53pm  Liberal National Party Candidate, David Kempton, produced a tight victory to win the seat of Cook at Saturday’s  elections. 

Mon 10.43am NEWS BRIEF: Today's heavy rain is flooding some roads in Port Douglas as shown in this reader photo of a car being towed out of the intersection of Mudlo and Mowbray Streets. Take care and don't drive through flood waters.

Mon 9.15am NEWS BRIEF: The Captain Cook Highway is closed at Buchan's Point after an existing landslide became unstable and debris fell on the road. The Mossman-Mt Molloy Road is open this morning but an existing landslip which has been contained is still being monitored. Proceed with caution as heavy rain may cause localised flooding.

Actor Leon Burchill appears in 'OnTrack'  | The Newsport

Mon 8.11am  The Learning Workshop’s ‘onTrack’ DVD was filmed towards the end of last year at Mossman Gorge and Leon appears in it as mentor...

Strata Title Stamp Duty Moratorium | The Newsport

Mon 8.19am    Last week a  federal parliamentary committee requested that the Qld Government put a 12-month moratorium on strata title...  


Mon 2.30pm: NEWS BRIEF: Updated figures below after 70% of votes counted.

Sun 9:32am
: NEWS BRIEF: After the most convincing win in decades the LNP take 78 seats leaving only 7 for ALP. Not as convincing in the Cook electorate however. What does this mean for Cook?

  Primary  Count 
  Candidate Party Vote
  James Evans  ONP 405
  George Riley 
 GRN  968
  Jason O'Brien

 ALP  6164
  David Kempton

 LNP  7294
  Lachlan Bensted 
 KAP  4196
  Progressive Count After Preferences
  Candidate Party  Vote 
  David Kempton
 LNP  8631
  Jason O'Brien
 ALP  7389

Sunday 25 March 2012

Sun 12:10pm: NEWS FIRST: At a spectacular Friday evening launch at Mirage Counrty Club, Directors Bradly King and Za Harrichan informed the Port Douglas Tourism and Business sector that things were about to get better in the skies over Far North Queensland. The introduction of a Robinson 66 into their fleet would allow a new Platinum Class of operation out of Port Douglas. More on The Newsport this week.

Sun 12:05pm: BRIEF: Voting has never been made so fun. Mowbray Street came alive with locals yesterday with a super attendance to the community fund raiser. More on Newsport this week. Check Social Pages.

Friday 23 March 2012

Dawn Princess enjoyed perfect weather in Port Douglas | The Newsport

Fri 8.30am  This week’s torrential rain disappeared in perfect timing for the arrival Dawn Princess cruise ship into Port Douglas on Thursday. 


State Election Vote 24th March 2012  | The Newsport

Fri 8.30pm   More than 300 votes have been received on The Newsport’s “Who Will You Vote For?” poll, with the LNP’s David Kempton...

Record Month for tourismportdouglas.com.au | The Newsport

Fri 9.20am     Port Douglas information platform, tourismportdouglas.com.au  registered it's 43,000th visitor in just the last 30 days. 


Property confidence in Port Douglas | The Newsport

Fri 8.50am  Consumer confidence appears to be returning to Port Douglas real estate market following a marked increase in sales...



Thursday 22 March 2012

Port Douglas DNA under threat  | The Newsport

Thurs 8.15am Gary Hunt says Cairns Regional Council officers are numb to the community's needs, read his full letter here................

| The Newsport

Thurs 8.30am  Long time Port resident & member of Port Douglas Waterfront Protection Assoc sent this open letter to Margaret Cochran... 


port douglas news feature

Wednesday 21 March 2012

State Election 2012  | The Newsport

Wed 10.00am This Saturday’s Port Douglas Community Garden Music Festival has been officially launched.  Around 50 people turned out..

LNP Candidate David Kempton | The Newsport

Wed 8.00am  The construction of a roundabout at the notorious intersection of Captain Cook Highway and Port Douglas Road will be... 


| The Newsport

Wed 8.00am Cook ALP candidate, Jason O’Brien, has announced more funding for local schools and a reminder of his commitment to Mossman... 


Lachlan Bensted, The Australian Party candidate | The Newsport

Wed 8.00am Australian Party candidate, Lachlan Bensted, says his party is committed to de-amalgamating the former Douglas Shire...



Shell petrol station out of petrol in Port Douglas

Wed 6:35am: Coles Shell Services Station on Captain Cook Highway hope to get unleaded fuel by tonight or tomorrow morning depending on the clearance of landslides. They still have diesel and LPG. Mobil Station and Maranos Fuel near Port O Call have both indicated they have plenty to get by.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

State Election 2012  | The Newsport

Tues 4.30pm Here is your guide on which Cook candidate to vote for in this Saturday’s State Government Election.... 

Locate your Polling Place  | The Newsport

Tues 1.30pm  In case you haven’t noticed, this Saturday (March 24th) is State Government election day and voting is compulsory.

| The Newsport

Tues 12.30pm Beaches in the Far North have been closed to swimmers due to the wild weather damaging stinger nets. North Queensland Life...


Trees down on Capt Cook Hwy near Ellis Beach | The Newsport

Tue 11.00am This is how the Captain Cook Highway looked at Ellis Beach this morning (about 2 hours ago). According to Zinc Radio the photo doesn't do the it justice because there is about 12m of debris behind the fallen trees.



| The Newsport

Tues 9.30am Continuing heavy rain has isolated residents from getting to work this morning with road closures due to flooding....       

Cairns Bureau of Meteorology confident the recent rains will get us back on track  | The Newsport

Tues 8.40am  508mm of rain fell on Port Douglas between Monday 12th March at 7am and yesterday (Monday 19th at 7am).  The rain gauge... 

Mon 4:30pm Drivers are being urged to be patient on the Captain Cook Highway with one lane blocked following a land slip yesterday afternoon....

Monday 19 March 2012

Far North Culture Muster is on again! | The Newsport

Mon 3.00pm  Arts Nexus connects artists, creative producers, organisations, enterprises and communities. Their knowledge of the region...

The wonders of an Australian safari | The Newsport

Mon 8.15am According to an article featured in the US Forbes Magazine the term safari is usually synonymous with Africa.      But why....


Local art needs new lease on life | The Newsport

Mon 8.13am An upcoming CRC forum will help artists in the Cairns region to apply for funding under the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). ...


Saturday 17 March 2012

Sat 3:43pm  NEWS BRIEF: Dedicated St Paddy's goers are getting into full swing this afternoon at Paddy's Bar on Macrossan Street. More images in Social Pages

Friday 16 March 2012

Election Candidates at Sheraton Mirage | The Newsport

Fri 10.40am About forty local business owners and operators attended a lunch yesterday arranged by the Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce...

The eclipse - what can you expect? | The Newsport

Fri 8.30am Ongoing heavy rain has caused pot holes on many roads in the Cairns, Port Douglas and Mossman region. CRC has advised The Newsport ...       

Thursday 15 March 2012

$600,000 for Mossman High labs | The Newsport

Thur 8.05am Mossman High School will be the recipient of $600,000 to build new science and technology facilities for students transitioning ....

The eclipse - what can you expect? | The Newsport

Thur 8.15am Rick Brown is a commodity and futures trader from New York, but his passion lies in the pursuit of the indescribable feeling he...      

Far North Culture Muster is on again! | The Newsport

Arts Nexus connects artists, creative producers, organisations, enterprises and communities. Their knowledge of the region...

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Demolition to commence | The Newsport

Wed 8.18am The transformation of the Port Douglas waterfront is about to get underway with several buildings between the Combined Club and the Sugar Wharf to be demolished. 

Wed 9.54am NEWS BRIEF: Steve Stonier told The Newsport he will contest Meridien Marina's decision to close the slipway and disputes the claims made by Meridien in their statement published on The Newsport yesterday. Mr Stonier was granted access to the slipway for one hour to collect relevant paperwork. 

Two new dance shows in Cairns | The Newsport

Wed 8.22am Two new theatrical dance productions are coming to the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Cairns at the end of this month.       

Tuesday 13 March 2012

What an exhibition! | The Newsport

Tue 10.50am If you were thinking February was a bumper month in the Best Photo Competition, you were right. The gallery of photos entered...    

Disaster guide earns award | The Newsport

Tue 8.45am Cairns Regional Council has been awarded for providing an example of outstanding communication with the public on issues of...       

It's a lockout. Meridien closes slipway | The Newsport

Tue 8.42am Meridien Marina has taken the drastic measure of closing the slipway which services dozens of vessels, effectively ceasing...

Monday 12 March 2012

Business Time | The Newsport
Focus Feature
Sign of the times | The Newsport

Mon 8.20am Would seeing this beaten sign make you realise you were about to see one of the most beautiful attractions in the State?    

Not good enough, Mayor admits | The Newsport

Mon 8.14am After the public furore over the removal of the coconut palms on Four Mile Beach, Mayor Val Schier agreed that there is room for...

Sunday 11 March 2012

Sun 8:30am  NEWS BRIEF: James Tobin from Weekend Sunrise is live from Port Douglas Sunday Markets this morning and revealed a personalised coffee mug made by Funstuff by Lynda, based in Port Village Shopping Centre. After showing his studio colleagues the souvenir mug they promptly requested their own!

Saturday 10 March 2012

Sat 2:00pm  NEWS BRIEF: 'No in' and 'no out' as slipway clients are left stranded after its closure today by Meridien Marina. A note stating Steve Stonier is not at this location was left on the gate. More to come on The Newsport.

Friday 9 March 2012

Not too shabby, ARAMA tells AAA | The Newsport

UPDATED Fri 2.20pm A comment left by a reader suggests the wheels are in motion to review the rating process that took place in Port Douglas.

Fri 7.32am
A letter has been sent to AAA Tourism's boss by ARAMA Port Douglas expressing their concerns over the accommodation rating scheme. 

Katter's Party loses appeal | The Newsport

Fri 10.55am Katter's Australian Party will appear as "The Australian Party" on ballot papers for the upcoming State election. Details here...      

3000th comment hits The Newsport | The Newsport

Fri 7.35am Another major milestone has been reached on The Newsport with the 3000th reader comment being made on a daily news article.   

Thursday 8 March 2012

Employment | The Newsport
Jute Theatre’s 20th season opens | The Newsport

Thu 11.21am Jute Theatre Company’s original commissioned work entitled ‘At Sea, Staring Up’ by internationally acclaimed Hobart playwright...     

Reef series to reach millions | The Newsport

Thu 8.21am A documentary series based on the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef had its Australian premiere in Cairns last night.  

Early findings from MBS | The Newsport

Thu 8.15am Associate Professor Selwyn d'Souza said the Port Douglas picture has become clearer after the group's visit in February.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Appetite for destruction outrages expert | The Newsport

Wed 2.20pm VIDEO FOOTAGE: Landscape designer, John Sullivan, has expressed his outrage of the removal of coconut palms by Council.                       

Palm tree removal commences | The Newsport

UPDATED Wed 2.06pm Find out the latest on the removal of the coconut palms along a stretch of beach at Four Mile, with much more to come...                        

Excitement grows with festival line-up | The Newsport

Wed 11.58am The line-up for the Port Douglas Community Garden Festival has been released with some brilliant acts to hit the stage.    

Mossman Hall gets a makeover | The Newsport

Wed 8.15am As its 75th birthday approaches, the historic Mossman Shire Hall will receive a well-earned makeover from next week. 

Queen Elizabeth makes timely exit | The Newsport

Wed 8.12am Reports that the luxury cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth, was forced to leave Port Douglas early to undergo customs’ clearance...                      

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Community services funding continues | The Newsport

Tue 11.48am Port Douglas Community Services Network and Mossman Community Centre have had their State Government funding extended.   

UPDATE Tue 4.20pm Police have described the incident as a "low-speed" accident and gave no indication dangerous driving was involved, however, the accident remains under investigation.

Tue 9.24am
NEWS FIRST: Emergency services were reportedly called to an incident behind Rendezvous Resort late yesterday afternoon. The Newsport has been told a driver was driving erratically in loose gravel, hit a large rock, and flipped on to the Bally Hooley railway tracks.


Pollie squabbles at Taipans game | The Newsport

Tue 8.09am  Not even a trip to the Cairns Taipans game on Saturday night spared voters from political wars in the lead up to the elections.   

Mossman businesses find their voice | The Newsport

Tue 8.06am The Mossman Chamber of Commerce has re-formed in an effort to give a voice to local businesses after ceasing operation last year.                     

Eco-librium | The Newsport

Monday 5 March 2012

Mon 3.25pm NEWS FIRST: The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth, will be leaving Port Douglas with her passengers earlier than expected. Unconfirmed reports say some tours have been cancelled. Meridien Marina are currently investigating the reason for the decision. We'll keep you updated as news comes to hand.

Mon 10.32am NEWS FIRST: The Mossman Chamber of Commerce has re-formed with a new committee including Demi View Motel's Kraig Byrne as President, Bolt Burchill Tranter's Michael Bolt as Secretary, and Bendigo Bank's Rebecca Assman as Treasurer.

Queen Elizabeth in Port | The Newsport

Mon 8.21am  When Cunard's newest cruise liner, the Queen Elizabeth, arrives in Port Douglas today there'll be one man with strong ties to.... 

Recycled water to be supplied to local schools and golf course

Mon 8.14am Construction has commenced on a 2km pipeline and 1 megalitre recycled water storage reservoir in Mossman, with complet...                    

Saturday 3 March 2012

David Coulthard is selceted for the U15 Australian Cricket team

Sat 12:30pm NEWS FIRST: After a rewarding Australian U15 Championships playing for Queensland, Douglas Muddies player David Coulthard has been selected to play in the Australian U15 team which is to tour overseas later this year. The left-arm paceman & opening batsman picked up early wickets in each of the 5 games last week which helped Queensland reach the final.

Friday 2 March 2012

Queen Elizabeth coming Port Douglas

Fri 11:40am NEWS BRIEF: The incredible new addition to Cunard's fleet, the Queen Elizabeth, cruises into town on Monday. Make sure you catch a glimpse of her from some of the great vantage points at Rex Smeal Park, Four Mile Beach, the old lighthouse lookout, or any other secret spot you may have. 

Vote for your favourite photo | The Newsport

Fri 8.30am Recent rains must have inspired many of our Best Photo Competition entrants with some stunning shots of menacing skies.  

Kindy carrot offered | The Newsport

Fri 8.25am Election promises have begun in the lead up to 24 March with the Labor government saying funds will be made available to...

Insurance recommendations close | The Newsport

Fri 8.18am Recommendations resulting from the strata insurance inquiry are due to be released later this month by the House of Represent...                   

Thursday 1 March 2012

Thu 11.24 NEWS BRIEF: Sam Leo was appointed the new president for Port Douglas Kindergarten last night. Look out for an interview with Sam on The Newsport soon.

Fight for power | The Newsport

Thu 8.18am Malcolm McKellar has been in a struggle for power for the last 14 years. But unlike the fights for political power that are taking place...                  

Local art needs new lease on life | The Newsport

Thu 11.26am Community art in Port Douglas has hit hard times of late with the closure of Port Douglas Community Arts Inc, and now a...


Carnivale turns model makers | The Newsport

Thu 8.20am The winner of Miss Carnivale 2012 may be on her way to modelling success with a new format providing new opportunities.

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