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Monday 12 November 2012

Marathon traffic conditions

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With Wednesday’s Solar Eclipse Marathon comes some minor changes to traffic conditions in Macrossan Street and the Port Douglas Esplanade.

Hundreds of runners will participate in the event which starts at around 6.40am at Barrier Reef Park at the southern end of Four Mile Beach, and are expected to arrive at the finish line in Rex Smeal Park from around 8.15am.

Participants will run north along the Esplanade and turn into Macrossan Street before finishing at Rex Smeal Park.

Here are the changed traffic conditions relating to the running of the Solar Eclipse Marathon:

Port Douglas Esplanade and Macrossan Streets - from 8am to 4pm, Wednesday 14 November

SINGLE LANE ROAD CLOSURE - One way vehicle access to remain open

Beach side closed, One way open travelling north from Surf Club to Hi Tide Restaurant.

Macrossan Street    
North side closed, One way open travelling from The Esplanade to Wharf Street.

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