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Sun 29 Mar

Monday 30 April 2012

Leu beauty!

Julia Leu
Re-elected Division 10 councillor Julia Leu will be a key player should the push for a referendum on deamalgamation be successful.

Julia Leu has confirmed her popularity with voters with a resounding Division 10 victory in the Local Government Elections on Saturday.

Leu retained her position despite the efforts of Unity Team candidate Pete Smith, Palm Cove based Bob Shaw, and former Douglas Shire Council CEO Terry Melchert.

Cr Leu will represent the Division in what will be an interesting, and possibly short-lived, term with the issue of deamalgmation yet to play out.

One voter said she continued to support Leu for her "tireless" efforts in the community.

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"She seems to be at every local event and she's always very approachable. That's why I voted for her. I think she's doing her best in a difficult situation," the voter said as she made her selection at the Port Douglas Community Centre.

This "difficult situation" refers to the common perception that the Douglas region is forgotten or ignored by the nine other divisional councillors.

Bob Shaw: 1,078 (17.26%)
Terry Melchert 732 (11.72%)
Julia Leu: 2,828 (45.29%)
Pete Smith: 1,606 (25.72%)

Percentage of roll counted: 66.37%

More on Saturday's election on The Newsport shortly.   

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