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Fri 27 Mar

Thursday 16 February 2012

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Leading designer home for expo

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Pina Fiorenza's upcoming 2012 collection is named after inspirational women her life.

The largest bridal and formal expo event outside of South East Queensland is bringing one of North Queensland’s most successful designers home to headline the 2012 event.

Pina Fiorenza is known for her stunning wedding and evening gowns, many of which have seen red carpet occasions, including the Logies.

Ms Fiorenza said the event would provide a “one-on-one designer couture experience with a prêt-a-porter price tag” for brides who might have otherwise needed to travel to major cities to source a gown.

“North Queensland is very close to my heart, having lived and owned businesses in the region in the past, and having dressed many brides here over the years," Ms Fiorenza said.

“I love meeting brides and hearing about what they’re looking for in a gown; it’s an honour to share such a special a role in a bride’s story and add a little magic to the experience,” she said.

The Italian born designer draws from a long family lineage in the fashion industry, with her upcoming 2012 collection named after inspirational women her life.

She speaks fondly of her mother, Melbourne tailoress Giuseppa Bisigenano, who passed away four years ago.

“These women are strong without losing their unique, feminine softness; likewise the collection’s lines are soft and fun, but the patterns are strong, deliberate and complex,” Ms Fiorenza said.

In 2012, the NQ Wedding & Formal Expo is moving to its new location - The Pier Cairns, and offers menu sampling, champagne tasting tips, interactive booths with hair and make up displays, massage, spa treatments and more.

The NQ Wedding & Formal Expo will take place on Sunday 19 February from 11am to 3pm and entry is free.  

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