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Sun 1 Mar

Letters to the Editor

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Janette Walker, Port Douglas, 25-07-14 21:40:
Has anyone else noticed that there are more potholes in the new sections of road on Davidson Street than there were BEFORE the roadworks . Lots of dollars being spent but are we getting any 'bang for our buck?'
Paula Johnson, Port Douglas, 17-07-14 19:26:
Surely this is a decision for the applicable department of the DSC as they know best which species requires little maintenance but provides shade in summer. The DSC employees are well-versed in tropical living and we should respect their decision. Why is the Council involved at all? Consult or don't consult; you're never going to please everyone.
Geoff Henderson, Forest Creek, 09-07-14 16:29:
I have heard a few mumbles that this Council is not good enough, has no idea and is generally hopeless. That is just not the case and in fact given the very limited resources available the council - staff and Councillors are doing pretty well.

Pre-deamalgamation naysayers were forecasting devastating rate rises. That has not happened and Council finances are looking pretty secure.
Operationally I'm not noticing a lot of shortcomings but if there are any I would first look to see if the lean employment policy might be a tad too lean in the interests of fiscal responsibility.

Council is a creature of State Government particularly and somewhat of the Federal Government. Given the massive uncertainty of funds and grants the job of managing finances is truly a balancing act. Yet Council is still well positioned and very viable.

It's too easy to take an uniformed shot at Council. In a small council such as Douglas staff can't easily hide behind the bureaucracy and poorly developed criticism can have a pretty unpleasant impact on staff. And staff can rarely defend themselves no matter how inaccurate or banal the comment.

Give Council and staff a fair go. I have worked with many of the people there and they are worthy of full respect.
Norman Pinto, Port Douglas, 28-06-14 08:36:
Good Morning,

I meant to preface that post, that is the letter I submitted to the Gazette, I didn't think it was out of order in any way, what do you think?

Norman Pinto
Norman Pinto, Port Douglas, 28-06-14 08:18:
To: shane.nichols@news.com.au
Dear Sir
So freedom of the press is alive and well in Port Douglas I see. Could it be that the subject matter pertains to an advertiser or I mentioned our Mayor or could it be that we don't want to advertise an alternate venue for this totally inappropriate current situation or perhaps all 3!! Has the long arm of Rupert spread to little old Port Douglas? I believe the people need to be reminded just who owns this so called local paper and there are more ways of getting the message out than you might imagine. You should have published my letter,

Norman Pinto
To: shane.nichols@news.com.au
Dear Sir,
I read with interest the article titled "A conversation with Sgt Meadows" in particular the reference to venues and noise. I live next to The Moonlight Cinema and for the next 4 months with all doors and windows shut at the best time of the year I can barely hear my TV. Now when the original DA was approved there was a noise constraint as part of this approval but when a liquor license comes into play that constraint goes out the window. The local constabulary were as good as they could be in asking the operators to turn it down but the real power resides with OLG situated in Cairns. They attended on 2 occasions last year and on both those visits the sound level was within the required 72db at our villa, if only it had been that way for the rest of it! How this cinema came to be in it's current location wedged between residential and holiday let villa's is another question but holidaying families with children must cringe at the swearing coming at them level 10. A solution to this problem could be found by relocating the Cinema to Rex Smeal Park, where as told to me personally by our esteemed Mayor all the infrastructure for a Cinema is already there and what a truly Moonlit experience it would be next to the water with the sound heading away from civilization. Call me old fashioned but I would have thought ratepayers came first and people from elsewhere didn't, I'm sure there are other nearby residents that are suffering in silence not to mention our life blood, the tourist and its time something was done,
Norman Pinto
Charlie Arter, Port Douglas, 27-06-14 21:36:
Are there plans to plant another established tree in Macrossan Street at the site where the tree fell down during the recent cyclone wind?
Norman Pinto, Port Douglas, 27-06-14 13:56:
I submitted a Letter to The Editor to our so called local paper 2 weeks ago regarding the Moonlight Cinema and the effect it has on neighbors and offering an alternative place for it to be and low and behold it wasn't published.........so the real question is how many other letters are censored by our non local paper? Its time Port had a little paper owned by people that live here and subscribes to that major tenant of newspapers being free, fair & available to all be them advertiser or not..............any Takers,

Norman Pinto
Deborah Favier, Daintree, 27-06-14 13:04:
Congratulations to Cairns Regional Council for setting the benchmark on budgets. CRC has introduced a very modest 1.5% rates rise in its 2014-2015 budget, while still managing to produce a surplus & enhance the delivery of services & infrastructure growth. This nullifies the myth mischievously promoted by some, that CRC was using DSC money to keep afloat of debt.
This rates increase equates to less than half the anticipated CPI increase. Great work, Bob Manning & your team, for producing such a responsible & prudent budget. This is not the economic climate to be stinging the ratepayers & indulging in fanciful projects.
One can only hope that the Douglas Shire budget being released at some time today (Friday) is as conservative as CRC's. Let's hope it is indeed, a "new dawn," "a new day," as promised & we will all be "feeling good" at the end of the day/today!
Toni McNamara, port Douglas, 01-06-14 11:48:
Stephen - the Macrossan St. trees were planted much earlier than you think. They are hardy trees and have survived the urban concrete, traffic fumes and brutal pruning prior to the power lines being moved underground. All trees drop their foliage - some of them do so all year round - these trees drop all their leaves, more or less at the same time, in winter, the new leaves appear within a week. Hard to find any other species to compete and provide shade, unfortunately the mess seems more obvious because it happens in the tourist season and winter is windy. We are so fortunate to be able to live here among the trees that keep us healthy and earn our living, but living here is not compulsory.
Roy Weavers, Port Douglas, 26-05-14 14:54:
To everyone in the Douglas Shire,
Just a quick note on behalf of my Carnivale event management team, volunteers and myself to say a great big thank you to all the residents, visitors, the council, the media and the business community for their amazing support during Carnivale 2014.
We had a brilliant time organising this year’s Carnivale. There was so much positivity and encouragement from everyone we met.
We tried some new things and you came out in your thousands to support them. We evolved a few of the core events to freshen them up and you came out in your thousands to support them and we pushed a few barriers to see how far we could go and you came out in your thousands to support us. And that was all we could ask.
As a result of that support, this year’s Carnivale will be able to present our sponsors with facts and figures that demonstrate how much we moved forward this year. And with the sponsors increased support for 2015 we can make even more progress.
The photographic imagery we have collated to illustrate the crowds at this year’s events is breathtaking. Those of you who came to all the events will know that the crowds were the biggest ever and this phenomenal attendance will help us prove to our sponsors just how important their support is and what we can do with it.
Without your support none of that is possible, so thank you, thank you, thank you.
We’ll get back to putting our plans together for Carnivale 2015 after a short break to take a few deep breaths and relax but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback from this year and, of course, any ideas you have for next year.
Once again, thanks for all your kind comments
Warmest regards
Roy Weavers
Carnivale 2014 General Manager
On behalf of the the Carnivale events management team and volunteers.

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