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Wed 28 Jan

Letters to the Editor

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Stephen Warden, Port Douglas, 08-05-14 08:55:
Referring to the trees in Macrossan Street with reference between Grant and Owen streets. The beach almond what a disaster planted after cyclone Rona in 1999. They lose their leaves, drop their nuts with the help from some birds and bats. They have dropped their branches particularly during a good rain with some falling onto cars parked beneath. Gutters are filled with leaves and nuts, requiring constant attention. The street looks a mess most of the year where these trees are established.
Since 2008 I have asked DSC to have them removed for the reasons above with the addition of the forever street blowers clearing the leaves most morning to the delight of tourists trying to rest and then the street sweeper to finish it off. If they were to be replaced with a more practical local tropical tree plus some landscaping this would have to benefit the community at large. The blowers could go, the street sweeper maybe needed once or twice a week and the DSC staff now used for these tasks employed somewhere else to benefit us rate payers.
There has to be local consultation on this not sure if this happened after Rona but they are a problem and a safety issue.
Ray Pitman, Port Douglas, 06-05-14 10:49:
Port Douglas State School’s 25 Anniversary Celebration was held in a carnival type situation on Saturday afternoon at the School. Previous substantive Principals (there have been only six since 1989), along with ex-staff, students and parents mixed with the current generation.

Foundation Principal Jeff Connor travelled from Blackbutt to attend, Matthew Smith, number one student on the Register was with us and prep student Isla Wells , representing the student body came together to cut the beautifully decorated birthday cake.

Kids enjoyed the free rides, face painting, showing parents around the classrooms and school generally and everyone was interested in witnessing a race from the days of the Port Douglas Mug (cf Melbourne Cup). The choir performed 2 songs, and a time capsule was prepared for burial, to be opened in 25 years,

Food stalls and the bar were well patronized, as were the snacks and drinks for the kids. The BBQ, and kinder cake stall were both very popular.

It was obvious that adults were content to sit around exchanging stories from the past and meeting past colleagues, friends and acquaintances

Thankyou to the organizing committee led by past student Janice Ruffles, local businesses who assisted with donations of food, drink and raffle prizes as well as NEWSPORT and other local media who spread word of the event.

We do still have a range of memorabilia including can coolers, mugs and travel mugs, pens and coloured pencils available from the school.

And a sincere thankyou to those who attended and made the day the huge success it was.

Ray Pitman
Peter Wood, Mossman, 29-04-14 13:15:
I agree Peter McNeil, the reasons for lights in front of the Woolworths is a sham.

One day, a freedom of information request will expose it to the public as a cover up of incompetent decision making by TMR, the developers, and others.
Tony Lynchj, Port Douglas, 28-04-14 11:03:
As a resident and member of the Body Corp of the Coral Villa's, Coral Drive. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to the men and women of the Port Douglas and Mossman fire brigades, who attended the fire at the above complex, also the ambulance and police Thank you for saving people was quite amazing, it probably sounds like a figure of speech, but believe me. its a truism " Thank god for the fire-fighters " and thank you all for saving and protecting the rest of the properties.

forever grateful

Tony Lynch
Peter McNeill, Julatten, 28-04-14 09:56:
The size of Woolworths in Mossman necessitated traffic lights, yet there's only ONE shared public toilet.
Kevin Kstar Eldridge, Port Douglas, 22-04-14 14:59:
Are the douglas Business Awards to be made available in downloadable pdf format for business owners to distribute to their clients?
Will Devlin, Port Douglad, 18-04-14 06:56:
Geoff, regarding the tree issue in Macrosssn Street, I couldn't agree with you more. Council (and I include administration as well as the hands-on workforce) is to be lauded/congratulated for the work done post-cyclone Ita. I instance the cleanup along Port Douglas Rd/Davidson Street as a classic case of Council workers putting in a fantastic effort to make that avenue look so pristine within a couple of days; the tree removal in Macrossan St was done in a timely manner; its absence almost unnoticeable and I've No Doubt Council will give due consideration to its replacement in due course.
Geoff Henderson, Forest Creek, 16-04-14 22:45:
Andrea the chains saws are still ringing in my ears and you are griping about what trees might be planted in Port already? Spare us please.

And Woollies - they have had a very good shot at making that end of town pretty attractive. Like them or not,and traffic lights aside, that is a well presented development
Will Devlin, Port Douglas, 16-04-14 20:46:
Editor, now that I've left an employer which frowned upon its employees raising controversial subjects - for fear, I suspect, that we might be seen as a 'progressive' state, I want to put something 'out there' that I have been pondering for a long time.

There's a blight on the landscape of Port Douglas! Indeed, there are two blights on the landscape. Probably the UGLIEST - and that which has been 'around' for 12-14 years at least, is the 'proposed development' surrounded (almost) by green hoardings (commonly called 'painted ply sheets with a few missing' on Port Douglas Road just north of the QI Resort. Now, as far as I can recall, EVERY developer worthy of the title 'developer' has had a shingle up at some time, but it remains a rat-infested, concrete-crumbling, reinforcement-rusted sand-blown 'nothing', surrounded by sheets of ply, in various states of repair and looking worse by the day as the odd sheet is blown off, rots off or is ripped down.

The other blight - and my view is that it's nowhere near as UGLY - is the occasional graffiti one sees sprayed on the walls and roadways, etc., by budding artists, some of whom display a surprising (and, honestly, pleasing) ability with a paint brush or aerosol can.

So, why not COMBINE THE TWO?

My plan is this. For a small fee - say $1 per day per panel - kids, or kids-at-heart, buy a permit to paint their tags/slogans/art on the sheets of ply wood surrounding the development above. No abusive language, no obscenities, no silhouettes evincing people doing the wild thing, etc. Just ART - and for a mere $1.

Why the $1 fee? First, so you can show the cop or Council Compliance Officer who stops to admire your work. Second, so that the 'authorities' (surely there's a better word if we want to bridge the gulf between adults and kids?) can buy cans of paint with which to cover the art once every now and then to allow a fresh palette for a new artist.

'Caught' without your permit? I don't know, perhaps a cuff behind the ear and 'move on'; caught daubing obscenities, kick up the derriere and move on. Just kidding. Don't make the kids 'move on' - get them to stay and cover their wrong doings.

Now, why would an ex-Public Servant suggest this? Well, for one, you allow young folk to express themselves in a public forum and for 'their' art to be appreciated; secondly, it obviates the likelihood that kids will daub elsewhere, causing Council obscene amounts of money to erase 'art'; third, it will give something like 'new life' to the real obscenity which is the ply-wood wall of ill-value surrounding a development that's clearly not going ahead.

Worth considering? I think so.

Either that, or Council lobbies State Govt to have the whole area remediated back to its natural state.

Comments, please?

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