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Sun 21 Dec

Letters to the Editor

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Andrea Collisson, Oak Beach, 15-04-14 15:55:
I second what Gerard said about SES workers and those who got our power and phone back on. Thanks for all your efforts.

But my letter is about the tree down in Macrossan Street Port Douglas. I happened to be driving by when the road was still blocked off so that the fallen tree could be removed. And i noticed immediately how barren and ugly that part of the street suddenly looked.

I sincerely hope the council will make efforts to plant another beach almond in its place. Macrossan Street is only a nice looking street because of the trees. Let them go and soon it will be as ugly as any other main street anywhere.

While on the subject of trees, Mowbray Street urgently needs some trees. That's such a shocking horrible street. Now that we have a council that can make decisions about these things and one would think, a council who cares about the appearance of Port Douglas, could something be done to make it as pleasant as the next street over with the plane trees.

IN fact the council needs to make more effort to tree up the joint, in Port douglas, Craiglie and Mossman. To keep our towns looking as beautiful as possible when builders and developers are on a mission to make it has ugly as possible, all we need are trees. Decent trees.

And i think its worth saying, that if you concrete or tar in all around the base of a tree chances are, it won't stand up very long. Roots need room to spread out and take the water from above. Professional landscapers know about these things and can advise the council as to how to maximise tree health so that they are less likely to fall over in a storm.

And please don't put pissy little shrubs and small trees like lilly pillys in. Decent sized trees are what's needed to make the place beautiful.

Please everyone give a thought to aesthetics when you do stuff. There are other things beside safety and risk that matter to make the world a better place.

While on the subject of aesthetics, i've driven past the new woolworths a couple of times and i have to admit reluctantly that the artwork does little to improve the building. I would think the artwork is quite good and has been well accomplished, however when you drive past, you can't actually take it in so its not going to be an easy piece to enjoy and therefore has to be considered unsuccessful as a public artwork. When another more appropriate site becomes available, i suggest its transferred there. Perhaps it should be moved to the side of the building where the cars are parked even.
Geoff Henderson, Forest Creek, 14-04-14 07:11:
Well in Its's wake this (sometimes) grumpy old man is very ready to thank all those people from SES who cleared our access roads efficiently and without fuss. Thank you guys, your help was greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to the ferry masters, the Norris family. The issues generated by Ita included many large trees swept downstream snagged on the cables and of all thing a large trimaran that apparently lost its mooring and crashed into the ferry. Fortunately the re-engineered ferry mooring pylons held and a catastrophic outcome was avoided.

The Norris team worked serious hours yesterday and will continue today to get the service back up.
Mathew Churchill, Bendigo, 09-04-14 09:48:
Hi All

Just wanted to say congrats to all involved in the new issue of Port Douglas Magazine. I just saw it online and it looks magnificent. Well done.
Toni McNamara, Port Douglas, 05-04-14 15:39:
The history suggests that whatever body gave permission to move the Woolworths footprint closer to the road is the real culprit - that must have been CRC with a rubber stamp. DSC lobbied hard to change MR&T's mind with no joy. One way or another, sooner or later we will have the last laugh. I will dust off the wax dolls and sharpen the pins and get to work - it usually helps!
Ian Stewart, Port Douglas, 20-03-14 20:18:
Congratulations Port Douglas on a brilliant Reef protest. Keep your eyes on this ....

Bob Baade, Julatten, 11-03-14 19:42:
regarding the Mossman traffic lights. I understand that the developer requested that the building be relocated closer to Front St. By doing this the developer did not allow sufficient space to construct deceleration lanes and slip lanes. The only alternative was to construct a roundabout. Dept. of Main Roads apparently considered this too expensive due to the cost of relocating the underground services, and instead are allowing traffic lights

Main Roads staff have again caved-in to the developers request. when the project was designed the developers would have been aware of the cost of relocating the services and it would have been factored in to the total project cost

It is a disgrace that Main Roads did not require deceleration lanes and passing lanes like any other similar development

Since when has the developer been allowed to save cost at the inconvenience and disappointment of DSC residents

Another example of Main Roads running rough-shod over our communities
Geoff Henderson, Forest Creek, 08-03-14 08:38:
Who knows Andrea. This week there was about 20 birds (really) flying around inside, so it might just continue as Queensland biggest birdcage replete with traffic lights:). Just being silly of course...
Marcus Anderson, Mossman, 07-03-14 14:54:
Lions Youth of the Year . A big thankyou for the invite to a great and worthwhile occasion sponsored by the National Bank Neil Jabbs also the Loins Club of Mossman a special thanks to school teacher James Mogg ,these are our most brightest students and our future leaders of our great country concerned about an array of topics within the shire and present day Australia ,they all had subjects from Marriage to Drugs in sport and the Environment which we are all concerned about , they all spoke well and had deserved accolades , there was one impromptu question that they were all asked and it was about the” Lights in Mossman “ all had said that they were disappointed that lights were being used in our community and that other alternatives should be investigated , Why there was no representative from the council attending to listen to the voice of our future is totally unbelievable , maybe these 5 students should be calling the shots for the shire they seem the be more concerned and in touch about community issues .
Once again Lions Club of Mossman a great night .
Marcus Anderson
Andrea Smith, Julatten, 22-02-14 12:22:
Not sure what will be happening to the Town and Country building when Woolies moves out but it would be a great opportunity for some sort of Co-operative to use the space and provide the community with an alternative.

Wikipedia says it nicely- A co-operative ("co-op") is an autonomous association of persons who cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit.

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