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James Watson, Port Douglas, 29-11-14 13:01:
Thanks for coverage about Nautilus Street in your Web Site
We have a Working Bee set for tomorrow --Sunday 30/11 from 7 am -
starting in Nautilus Street and even anyone who has 15 minutes
spare would be very welcome to come along
We are keen to regain the
*icon we had before to its original splendor ! *
Lady Jennifer Robertson, Port Douglas, 23-11-14 15:54:
Well put Walter Millar I so agree with your statement..... cyclists should be wearing their helmets and also lights at night time and also stay on your side of the road...... Police please start enforcing fines!! its only a matter of time before someone is badly injured or killed on our streets.
Walter Millar, Port Douglas, 20-11-14 11:14:
When are the locals and backpackers ever going to learn about wearing helmets when riding there push bikes in and around Port Douglas??....Riding up the wrong side of the road at night, no lights using a mobile...yes I nearly took that person out one night in Davidson St.
The police have got to start prosecuting these people to set an example before someone gets injured or even killed. Signs should be put up by council stating its against the law, maybe they have already but Ive not seen any.
Please, everybody be aware of this.

Walter Millar
Geoff Henderson, Forest Creek, 10-11-14 08:32:
Good for Council and others for the opposing coal seam gas (CSG) and fracking -also known as fraking.

There is a small book available that explains much about CSG and fracking. I strongly encourage people to read this book. It gives many insights into CSG industry and how it impacts upon land and community.
Titled "What the Frak?: Everything you need to know about Coal Seam Gas" it is written by senior journalist Paddy Manning. It is very easy reading and gives a lot of informed insight into this type of resource gathering. If it is not in the library you can get it here:
It is quite inexpensive and also available as an e-book.
You can also purchase from one of many merchants here:
cliff mitting, port douglas, 09-11-14 16:51:
I along with the majority of residents of the Douglas Shire are very concerned at the amount of cats wandering at night.
Recently we have had 2 young curlew chicks killed and a Torres Strait Pigeon killed in our area.
Most residents and visitors to the area enjoy the native animals, particularly the birdlife which the region is famous for.

I would like the council to pass a bylaw regulation to have a curfew placed on all cats at night throughout the shire.
The ranger l realise is very busy now so l don’t expect patrols to be implemented, but the curfew will encourage most people to be responsible and keep their killers indoors at night.
The only time the ranger may be required to become involved is if there is a complaint about cats out on the street at night.
This will also have an effect on the number of cats going wild in the bush and killing native animals.
We have enough problems with cane toads,cats and dogs gone feral in the bush killing wildlife so it is time to start doing something about the escalating number of cats patrolling the streets at night looking for their next victim!

Also in a perfect world we would like to see all cats and dogs desexed to help reduce the number that go wild through lack of responsibility by their owners.

All residents that value our wildlife could you please support this initiative and contact the Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu [].
Your time and effort could save the lives of our wildlife.

Debbie Favier, Daintree, 03-11-14 13:36:
TOMORROW morning (9AM meeting start) at Mossman Council Chambers, ie Tuesday 4th Nov, Cr Abigail Noli is putting forward a motion supporting a csg free Douglas Shire Council. Some of us are wearing yellow & black as well as bringing our Lock the Gate triangles. We can get creative: yellow ear rings, bandanas etc. This is a peaceful presentation of our support for Cr Noli on this very important issue. If you care about the future of our environment, health, economy, water quality, cultural & heritage values, iconic places, jobs & our future generations of children, please come to this very important meeting tomorrow. If you care about prioritising the long term health & futures of our children, please come to this crucial meeting. If you are going to Melbourne Cup celebrations later you can still attend at 9 to show support.
Deborah Favier, Daintree, 03-11-14 12:11:
This Saturday, at 6pm at the CWA Hall, Mossman, the colourful Knitting Nannas are set to bounce into Mossman to screen their film, “Knitting Nannas-The Movie” as well as the documentary, “Fractured Country. The Knitting Nannas are a lively band of ladies who proactively & peacefully raise awareness about potential destruction of land, air & water by those, “who seek profit and personal gain from short sighted & greedy plunder of our natural resources.” The Nannas are Australian women from all walks of life who care about the health & well being of future generations of Australians. As a future nanna I am proud that these feisty girls are taking action & speaking out on our behalf. At this event they will hold raffles, a lucky door prize, with tea & coffee provided (entry being $5-). If you care about the future, do not miss this great opportunity to become informed about the well documented environmental, social & health impacts of unconventional gas mining & how it may affect us here. All are welcome.
Ann Booth, Mossman, 30-10-14 17:32:
It is very easy to complain about businesses in Port Douglas and I do not think it worthwhile to argue over a couple of NZ 20c coins! I am sure we have all received a couple of these in our change over the years.
Is anyone aware of the positive things the Coffee Club has been doing for the community over the past year? Each month, the Coffee Club invited local not-for-profit organisations and charities to use a blank wall in their restaurant to advertise their organisations. As Secretary of Douglas Shire Seniors Inc., I was given a blank canvas to do what I liked with during August - Seniors month.
To our delight, the Coffee Club donated a percentage from the sale of every cup of coffee sold during the month to our Club.
Added up over the year, the Coffee Club must have donated quite a large sum to various charities and organisations, for which they have received no thanks.
I would like to publicly thank them for their generous community spirit and trust the locals will support them whenever they can.
Ann Booth
Secretary - Douglas Shire Seniors Inc.
Julian Jones, Cooya Beach, 29-10-14 22:38:
Some times I really wonder about those who work and own, or manage businesses in the hospitality industry here in Port.

From slow to negligent responses to guest issues, To blackboards informing their customers that they ( the customer ) may or may not get great service ... management reserves the right ! ...of course it's all in jest, you just have to get the humour !!

I'm not saying the provider needs to lay down and get pummelled by the customer / guest, but I am saying everyone deserves proper consideration, not blasé "maybes" given eventually. And those who are paying for your time must be your first consideration, always.

Word of mouth is still the best and harshest critic around. If you want to be here doing well during the off season then start looking after your customers / guests ... because really, you just don't know
who the critic will be.
Barbara Lee, Hawera New Zealand, 27-10-14 12:42:
Hello, I have just read Michael Rose's complaint about Coffee club giving him New Zealand 20 cent pieces in his change. New Zealand changed it coins about 2 years ago so Coffee Club must have a lot of old stock. It cost us quite a bit of money to do this so that Australians would not be bothered by the wrong coins. Don't blame us.

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