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Thursday 31 May 2012

Ironman road closures

Click on the image for all the information relating to this Sunday's changed traffic condition.

It was a steep learning curve for the organisers of the inaugural Challenge Cairns, but a new name and new approach is helping to smooth the way for a successful Ironman Cairns this Sunday.

Road closures were a hot topic in 2011 with many Port Douglas businesses criticising organisers of the event saying the town was effectively blocked off to traffic making trading conditions difficult.

For the last two weeks, organisers have posted signs throughout the town notifying residents and visitors of the changes to traffic conditions in the lead up to the 2012 event.

This year traffic will be able to make it in to town, via diversion routes, to gain the best vantage points to see the riders at the turnaround point in Macrossan Street near the Central Hotel.

Opens external link in new windowClick here to see maps and information on Sunday's changed road conditions.

USM EVENTS' Geoff Meyer said the organisers have had more time to plan this year's event, and are looking forward to a lively town centre in Port Douglas with entertainment a focus on the day.

"Last year we had six months to pull the entire event together so the communication strategy was always going to be very last minute," Mr Meyer said.

"Like last weekend with the Coral Coast Triathlon we've got diversions, it's not roads closed as such so you can still get down to the markets and the other end of Macrossan Street.

"We've got the big screen in place this year, we've got commentators in place.

"We really want the Port Douglas community to embrace this and make it their own."

Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce president Ken Dobbs said the organisation, which represents its members consisting of local businesses, supports the Ironman Cairns event.

"It's good for business. It has some issues which causes some issues for one day, but the overall balance is significantly in favour of growing business for the town.

"I know there are some issues with the road closure (of the Captain Cook Highway), but without a little pain there's never any gain," he said.

Quicksilver will once again operate a vessel between Port Douglas and Cairns on Sunday 3 June 2012 to accommodate those travelers affected by the closure of the Captain Cook Highway.

Feedback from the athletes was positive after cycling to and from Port Douglas twice along the (literally) breathtaking Captain Cook Highway.

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Julie Bell, Port Douglas, 15-06-12 15:32:
YES!!! Another trader having a winge .....well as you all know it's been tough enough for us all BUT this just takes the cake ....worst day of trade for the year ...just as bad as a Yasi wipe out ....we can't afford to loose a blink of trading in these tough times .....BUT IVE GOT AN IDEA TO MAKE IT ALL UP TO THE PEOPLE OF PORT !!!!!


It must be our turn ..... Cairns has had it for 2 years .....let's hold the event in Port for the next 2 years
Can't see why not ....it's a better destination ..... And we all know that !!!!
Kevin Woods, Port Douglas, 15-06-12 10:14:
The Cairns Ironman ....where's the Port Douglas in the name no where ?
Is this event televisied live ?
While there is a certain good will around town that this event may provide some marketing payback in the future, is it worth it ?

Why they don't have the swim leg on beautiful four mile beach is just a so sad, it was magic that day down at nippers.

This would also allow the majority of road closers for port happening on early Sunday morning heading one way to cairns, effectivly opening Port Douglas up for Sunday Trade the busiest day of the week and making our guests travel schedules, disrupted only slightly.

Someone did point out they would need to have bike racks up here as well as cairns, but with only having to close the road for 4-6 hours to Smithfield, they would save a huge amount on staff for a 12hr day.

I think Port Douglas people would really get behind the swim leg and it would be great to see who was winning out of the water, while having a much smaller impact on our visiting tourists as well as traders, and locals.

Also : Traffic arrangements in Port were much better this year.
Ben Octagon, Julatten, 13-06-12 18:11:
So a bizarre invasion of inscrutable aliens, masquerading as hordes of sweaty marathon daleks, in sundry spandex and their equally peculiar "supporters" and "spectators", has been arranged to exercise themselves mightily, once again for no apparent reason other than indulging their masochistically macabre instincts, thereby commandeering the roads and other public spaces as if they have some fundamental right to do so.
Rachel Emily, Port Douglas, 08-06-12 20:34:
Yes, we were the embarresing van parked / trapped right near the finish line in Cairns. Embarrassing or what...
GIO FARGO, ZIMBULLA, 08-06-12 08:57:
more marathons....more road closures.....how many more shops and restaurants are cut from their weekenders...just ask around and report truthfully on the negatives of these road closures;have these tough marathon contestants compete during FEBRUARY or MARCH...Spice up the wet season
Jacko R, oak beach, 03-06-12 17:41:
Nice that they showed us consideration in Oak Beach. Minor inconvenience for port, At least they can get out of the house.
Sandy Lee, Mt Molloy, 01-06-12 13:10:
As a market stall holder, with only one trading day per week, I don't see the " gain" when they simply turn around in Port Douglas and end up back in Cairns!! We felt the "pain" last year and I think it will be the same this year, with the main road to Cairns being closed, most people couldn't be bothered going the long way through Mt Molloy!! How about changing the race to a Saturday??? Oh that's right, the Cairns shops don't want to lose trade....too bloody bad Port Douglas yet again!!!

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