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Sat 28 Feb

Friday 7 September 2012

Great Danes!

One company is going the extra mile to promote Port Douglas, and chances are you've never even heard of them.

Denmark-based Albatros Travel, organisers of some of the world's most challenging adventure marathons in Africa, China and the Artic among others, will be sending hundreds of international athletes to Port Douglas to run in November's Solar Eclipse Marathon..

Having spent $35,000 locally to produce a series of ads to promote the marathon, Albatros' efforts will do more for Port Douglas than just attracting international runners to the region for six days in November.

Albatros have recently reported spending over $200,000 in the promotion of the Port Douglas event through print media, online marketing, and marathon expos in Chicago, Berlin, Orlando, Beijing, and Gold Coast. 

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These efforts have attracted almost 80,000 views on YouTube (to put that into perspective that’s almost 80 times the number of views of the region's official promotional video) and highlights some of the many reasons people love coming to our region.

"I think it's important for people to know about the work and the money that's gone into promoting not just the event itself, but the region, by a company on the other side of the planet," said Port Douglas Event Management's Sam Cullen.

"They've shown a lot of faith in Port Douglas by investing so heavily in the success of the event, and I'm sure the town will benefit from their promotion in more ways than one.

"It was these guys that have given us the impetus to establish the annual Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival.

"The marathon itself is a great platform to leverage future visitation and it's the type of event Port Douglas and its residents will be proud to host," he said.

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Noel Weare, Port Douglas, 08-09-12 08:53:
Although I applaud, what is undoubtedly an excellent promotion of our area, it has the usual hallmarks of factual inaccuracies in the name of advertising expediency that we continue to feed our visitors.
Just two examples: the inaccurate reference to the Daintree Rainforest when the sign shown in the video at the bottom of the 'bump' beside the promoters clearly shows it to be the "Mowbray National Park" and at the 2km track point where the runners head "deeper into the rainforest" the images show open forest country, not rainforest at all! Must be somewhat confusing for those who might want to visit our magnificent Daintree National Park rainforest.
You might say this is picky - but it doesn't take much effort to get it right (or doesn't the average visitor care?).
Nick Carling, Port Douglas, 07-09-12 10:39:
This is an unmissable event!
Everyone can be apart of the biggest ever sporting event to hit our region by participating, volunteering or cheering on all the crazy athletes!

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