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Sun 29 Mar

Monday 30 July 2012

Fun Run celebrates London opening

While billions were glued to their TV's Saturday morning a group of dedicated fun runners were dressed in the Olympic spirit in Rex Park to help raise funds for the Solar Eclipse Marathon Squad.

Local Solar Eclipse Marathon Ambassador Nick Carling has inspired a determined group of locals to challenge the 42 and 21 km courses this November.

'The Squad' as it is known is training using a dedicated marathon training program provided by his professional coach and is being made available free to the group and other enthusiasts with the help of The Newsport and Actin Fitness' amazing team.

The fun run consisted of 5km, 3km and 1km events and led runners from the beautiful setting of Rex Park up past the Port Douglas Marina and then returned to the picturesque park to finish.

Organisers put on a post race BBQ and a small presentation.  With race places not the focus of the day, 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners were awarded to the best dressed with Mel and the PDAPA gang taking these out.

Coles, Port Party Hire, Actin Fitness, The Newsport and the Beach Shack were thanked as sponsors with Sam Cullen of Newsport Publishing announcing the donation of 500 copies of Edition 8 of their new PORT DOUGLAS Magazine to the Marathon Squad to assist towards raising their much needed funds.

"Nick was selected to be the face of the latest PORT DOUGLAS Magazine due to his unfettered commitment to the region's health and wellbeing industry," Mr Cullen said.

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