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Sun 29 Mar

Newsport Photographic Competition

March 2015 - Entries Open

Hi Snappers! Newsport's Best Photo Competition round for February is now closed.

March entries now open. March theme is 'COLOURS'.



Lorna de Quervin - Open - Cape Tribulation
Richard Hopper - Themed - Fragility
Di Lymbury - Themed - Raindrops Reflecting Colours on Web
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Beautiful Peacock
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Black cockatoo tail feathers
Glenda Gordon - Open - Habitat Hallie
Taliesha Caswell (12) - Open - Untitled
Richard Hopper - Themed - Shell Fish
Richard Hopper - Themed - Cyclone Lily
Di Lymbury - Themed - The Colour Red
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Just hanging around
Brett Sprunt - Themed - Copperlode Hibiscus
Nikia Duncan - Themed - Burst of orange
Richard Hopper - Themed - Boxes Of Rust
Julie Doswell - Themed - My Tropical Garden
Di Lymbury - Themed - Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Disc rainbow
Glenda Gordon - Open - Kite Surfing at Oak Beach
Taliesha Caswell (12) - Themed - Rainforest & Lorikeets

February 2015 - Panel Winners

Selected by our panel of sponsors

Winner - Patrick Byrne - A well travelled nut
Editor's Mention 1 - Ian Waldren - After the storm
Editor's Mention 3 - Richard Hopper - Sunflower Surprise
R/Up - Shay Bourne - Lines
Editor's Mention 2 - Glenda Gordon - Cruise

February 2015 - Most Popular Winners

Voted for on Newsport Facebook Page

THMEME was Sea & Beach

Winner Most Popular - THEMED - Photo: Ian Waldren
Winner Most Popular - OPEN - Photo: Glenda Gordon

February 2015 - Entries

The February theme was Sea & Beach.



Glenda Gordon - Mob of Kangaroos (open)
Brett Sprunt - A Pause for Reflection (themed)
Brett Sprunt - Port Douglas from Cooya Beach (themed)
Julie Doswell - Four Mile Beach (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Clear As! (themed)
Patrick Byrne - Beach Life (themed)
Shay Bourne - Don't Kick the Jellyfish (themed)
Shay Bourne - Train Lines (open)
Stephanie Riopelle - Mossy Turtle
Barbara Lavis - Dragon Flower (open)
Shernya Wessels - Crystal Clear Christmas Eve (open)
Ian Waldren - Going Down (themed)
Richard Hopper - Lily Interior (open)
Brett Sprunt - Cooya Beach (themed)
Brett Sprunt - Thornton Beach (themed)
Nikia Duncan - Digging for Trouble (themed)
Glenda Gordon - Cruise (themed)
Shay Bourne - Along the Sea (themed)
Shay Bourne - Lines (open)
Shay Bourne - Washed Up (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Marina Sunset
Ian Waldren - After the Storm (open)
Ian Waldren - Beach Dweller (themed)
Ian Waldren - Thornton Beach Shower (themed)
Richard Hopper - Sunflower Surprise (open)
Brett Sprunt - Marine Mediation (themed)
Catherine Allen - Four Mile reflections (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Beach Needles (themed)
Patrick Byrne - A Well-travelled Nut (themed)
Shay Bourne - Cairns Beach (themed)
Shay Bourne - Steam Train in Cairns (open)
Stephanie Riopelle - Gentle Giant
Jan Drenth - Sailing Away (themed)
Shernya Wessels - Beautiful Bay (open)
Ian Waldren - Deep Breath (themed)
Julie Doswell - Contemplative

Winners: December 2014 & January 2015

Panel Winner - Di Lymbury, Tropical Beauty
Most Popular Winner (Themed) Pam Hunter - Mossman Gorge, Christmas Day
Editor's Pick 3 - Patrick Byrne - This nut looks perfect Indiana
Panel R/U - Richard Hopper, Rising Lilly
Editor's Pick 1 - Steve Sherwell - Sunset over Reef Marina
Most Popular Winner (Open) Shay Bourne - Sunrise Boating
Editor's Pick 2 - Taliesha Caswell - Untitled

December 2014 & January 2015 Entries

Glenda Gordon - Grasshopper having lunch (open)
Mark Thatcher - Ravenshoe Wind Power (open)
Nikia Duncan - Search for Shade (open)
Katrina Caswell, Magical green (open)
Ian Bland, Selfie Butterfly in Kuranda (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 3 (open)
Di Lymbury, Freshwater (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 1 (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 4 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 3 (open)
Patrick Byrne, Happy days (open)
Shay Bourne, Sunrise boating (open)
Shay Bourne, Cooya Beach (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 3 (themed)
Kahleana Stannard, Baby curlews (open)
Barbara Lavis - Hanging Around the Flame Tree (open)
Hallie Jenkins (Age 8) - Baby Koala Drinking (open)
Glenda Gordon - Honeysucker on Wet Flower (open)
Brett Sprunt - Green Tree Frog (open)
Richard Hopper - Lily Rising (open)
Katrina Caswell, Crystal Squares (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 1 (open)
Les Dawel, Sunbird at Wonga (open)
Di Lymbury, Seeing Double (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 2 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 1 (open)
Pam Hunter, Mossman Gorge Christmas Day (themed)
Patrick Byrne, The giving of nut (open)
Shay Bourne, Tall trees (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 1 (themed)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 4 (themed)
Susanne Stannard, Scrub Python (open)
Barbara Lavis - Oriole In The Flame Tree (open)
Mark Thatcher - Blacktip Reef Shark (open)
Brett Sprunt - Osprey Feeding (open)
Steve Sherwell - Sunset Over Marina (open)
Barbara Lavis, Peahen mother and chicks (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 2 (open)
Di Lymbury, Christmas Tree with a Difference (themed)
Di Lymbury, Tropical Beauty (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 3 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 2 (open)
Patrick Byrne, The joy of nature (open)
Patrick Byrne, This nut looks perfect Indiana (open)
Shay Bourne, The rocks (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 2 (themed)
Sheryl Wright, Curlew and chicks (open)
Barbara Lavis - Feeding Time (open)
Barbara Lavis - Lagoon at Night (open)
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